Christopher Michael Knight 1.10.1943 – 17.10.2014

This is the post I would never have wished to write.

Ever since I was fourteen months old, my brother Chris has been the companion and rival of my childhood, and lifelong friend.Derrick and Chris

Here we are posing for a studio portrait in the suits Mum made us for theVictory Street Party 1945  Victory Street Party in 1945Derrick & Chris

In 1947 he first broke his leg in the garden of 29a Stanton Road. Our grandmother in Durham dressed us in her pink petticoats before we returned home toDerrick & Chris & Jacqueline

greet our new sister JacquelineChris, Derrick & Jacqueline 1948

who was toddling by 1949 when we wore fair aisle jumpers Mum had knitted.Chris, a friend, Jacqueline & Derrick

In 1950 we had another holiday in Durham where we sat on our grandparents garden wall,Jaqueline, Derrick, Chris and Grandma's legs

and again in 1951 where we had a trip to the seaside.Chris, Jacqueline & Derrick

Even Mum doesn’t know where this shot was taken in 1952.Chris at 17 with guitar

No self respecting budding guitarist in a University band was complete in 1960 without his Hank Marvin specs.Jackie, Derrick & Chris 2.3.68

At my wedding to Jackie on 2nd March 1968 neither the groom nor the best man was free of embarrassment when the photographer required us jointly to kiss the bride.Chris, Derrick, Frances, Fiona and Jessica 19.3.04

When, in March 2004 Sam completed his epic Atlantic Row in Port St Charles, Barbados, Chris was there, with Frances and Fiona, accompanying Jessica and me on the welcoming yacht. Frances, Sam, Heidi, Fiona, Elizabeth, Michael, Chris, Jacqueline, Louisa, Derrick, Jessica, Becky, Mat and Tess 2004

Later that year the family celebrated the event with a special dinner. Chris, Frances, and Fiona were there with most of the family.Chris 14.4.07

When Jacqueline celebrated her 60th birthday in Boston, Lincolnshire on 14th April 2007 he was his usual cheerful self.

Derrick and Chris 8.07

He was the father of the bride when, in August of that year, Fiona married Paul. No doubt he was pulling my leg when Elizabeth caught us on camera.Mike Ozga, Chris, Derrick, Oona and Frances 17.4.09

Chris and Frances made several trips to Sigoules. Not far from there live his boyhood friend Mike Ozga and his wife Oona. We visited them April 2009, where Elizabeth photographed us.Derrick, Chris & Elizabeth 6.12

Naturally he was party to my surprise seventieth birthday celebration in July 2012.

Chris was one of those very rare beings – a truly good man.

He died peacefully this morning after a short illness.


  1. I’m so sorry to hear this, Derrick. The pictures led me through his life (and yours) so that I felt I knew something of him and what he means to you. Very sad news indeed. All the best to you and your family, Alex

  2. So sorry to hear this news Derrick. Our thoughts are with you and your family. Love Jessie and Helena xx

  3. Hi Derrick, such sad news l have not really got any words,, its not been such a good year. Thanks for the insite into chris’s life, my thoughts with all the family. Rob

  4. Chris contacted me early in 2013 as we were both researching the Evans family. He explained Annie Evans was his grandma (Hunter), I told him it was also my grandma and that he was my cousin. We continued to keep in touch and research the Evans family until he recently became ill. I will miss the contact we had, be it via emails, and send my condolences, along with my father’s to all the family. He was a lovely man and respected by me and my father. The tribute you have done for him was moving and brought back memories. Yvonne Burgess (nee Hunter)

  5. Such chummy friends; you and Chris were! The laughter seemed plentiful. Darling photo of you three during your wedding to Jackie. A short illness is one which I would prefer when the time comes. Heartfelt condolences and warm thoughts, Sir Knight. xo

  6. This is a beautiful tribute to your wonderful brother.
    I’m so sorry for this great loss in your life. 🙁
    It’s sad when we lose a sibling. And I know from my own experiences, it’s VERY difficult on our parents, too. 🙁

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