Dupuytren’s Contracture

Darkening sky

imagesOn a bright, crisp, morning I set off for the woodland walk. No sooner had I entered the brassica field than the sky rapidly darkened and a biting hailstorm hit. In order to protect my face I turned my back on it and stood, like the scarecrow Worzel Gummidge, on the soggy footpath. I felt as if I had been transported to the Dragstrip Ear Piercing Studio in Bitterne, and fled for shelter in the defunct phone box. The missing window rendered this less than totally effective. My ears, incidentally, are not as pretty as the one in the picture before it became bejewelled.

Phone box window

When the storm abated I walked back home.Dupuytren's contracture

Jackie’s Modus was repaired by Downton Service Station today in time for her to drive me to Lymington Hospital to keep an appointment with a consultant about my Dupuytren’s contracture. The car’s problem was an ignition coil and spark plug that needed replacing. My repair will take a little longer. The hand needs surgery in the form of a fasciectomy which, according to the website of Mr. Simon Richards who examined it, is:

‘Fasciectomy – Correction is obtained by removal of the fascia to the affected finger. The wound is stitched up in a zig-zag manner, but occasionally an area is left open to heal by itself (open-palm technique). This is the most common surgical option.’

Waiting time for the operation is 2/3 months.

We dined this evening on Jackie’s luscious lamb jafrezi (recipe); egg fried rice that any self-respecting restaurateur would be proud to place on the menu as special fried rice; onion bajis and samosas. We both drank Kingfisher.


  1. I haven’t heard of that before – but by studying your hand photo could see what it might be……. Hope the three month wait goes smoothly and your hand is as easily repaired as Jackie’s car!

  2. Hope your hand does not give too much trouble. Just wanted to mention that we live in the land of Kingfisher, which is a Bangalore based brewery.

  3. My thoughts are entirely selfish: if you have hand surgery, we may have to miss your posts till you can type again. I hope the surgery goes quickly and the healing is smooth. I like your photo of the hailstorm from inside the phone booth.

  4. I’m with Crystal on this one. It would be strange not read you everyday. 🙂 I suppose it’s not painful or else there wouldn’t be such a long wait for the surgery. I have to say though, that what you have has a very fancy name.

  5. I want you to get well fast..Its not easy nd hope there is no pain as you have to wait for 3 months for the surgery.If there is pain then medicine for such a long period is not good. it has its own side effects. 🙁

  6. Thank you Sujata. There is no pain. It is just a bit awkward, and not apparently that unusual. Even our garage owner has one! It has taken six years to develop to this stage.

  7. We too have found the weather is being rather capricious just lately – sun one moment and raging blizzard the next! Useful that the phone box was still there. I hope your hand surgery goes well.

  8. So glad you pointed me to this post. I hadn’t really heard of Viking Finger until my mom unexpectedly got it (really badly) she told the doctor, how can I get this when I’m Egyptian? But turns out even some mummies in Egypt had it so I guess the idea it originated with the Vikings may need to be re-examined? (Are you a Viking Derrick? Just felt I had to say that in a really serious voice). So you opted for the surgery? I haven’t got it but I feel I might because when I used to play the piano my left-hand felt weaker and more constricted (despite being a leftie and thus, dominant) and because it can run in families. Do any of your children have it? Did either of your parents that you know of, or your grandparents? How was the operation? I read it comes back but it is still worthwhlie having, did you feel it was? How long were you ‘out’ in terms of use? I also didn’t know you were a former Marathon Runner. Why are runners always such nice people? I love that film (Marathon Man) and also Chariots of Fire which incidentally I almost re-watched the other day. Do tell me more and meanwhile I shall call you Dorekian of the Nords

    1. Many thanks, Candice. I’m the only person in my family with the affliction. I think I was hampered for a couple of months. The little finger has never quite straightened, but at least it has stopped curling into the palm. I ran 18 marathons and 25,000 miles on the roads between 40 and 50. I don’t think we have any Viking blood. 🙂

      1. Gosh, so that’s odd isn’t it, to be the only one in the family to be affected? I do know it can be caused my alcohol that may be the case in my mother’s case, she cannot play the piano the finger (little) is so bent now, it looks odd, but she won’t have the surgery I told her she ought to but you know how some people just avoid surgeries no matter what, I’m glad you did because it sounds like it really worked out for you. Good grief you did 18 marathons, I take my hat off to you! Incredible! I expect this puts you in good stead to live a healthy rest of your life, can’t beat running, hope you didn’t bugger up your knees. No Viking blood? I have to change the name then … sigh I was growing accustomed to it!

        1. I’m afraid my knees are buggered, and I had a new hip seven years ago. Then, arthritis does run in the family. On the other hand I also played rugby (second row forward) and cricket (fast bowler) until age 45, so perhaps its not all that surprising. Never mind – I’d do it all again

          1. Running tends to bugger the knees doesn’t it? But then again not running is probably worse than buggered knees. Arthritis doesn’t help does it? My dad loved Rugby, you were such a sporty-man, that’s great, I think that’s something people neglect these days. I was a gymnastic type and dance, more than anything although I liked football (of course!). The best attitude is that you would do it all again I try very hard to embrace that also! xo HUGS

  9. Cousin Derick..

    Must be a family thing, I have the ugly finger.. (Dupuytren)
    Seeing a Surgeon at Sloan Kettering, in NY. on 1/18/18. I’ll update you.
    Has your surgery be done to your hand?
    Love, Jane

  10. Ouch! I’m glad the surgery was a success. I’ve always thought you to be quite “hand”some. ? Forgive my corny jokes this morning — they’re my new year’s resolution.

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