Orlaigh And Her Rabbit – Er, Brother

Early this morning I received a FaceTime call from Malachi in Fremantle. Trying to keep up with an 11 year old who was playing Lexulous, chatting with both voice and text, and teaching me various applications simultaneously is testing indeed. All coming at a rate of knots, you understand.

One application involved ‘effects’. These can be changed in rapid succession – both the faces and their expressions. This is Malachi as his Dad. I challenge anyone else aged 77 to follow this whilst at the same time seeking a Lexulous word that won’t be too difficult whilst using US English – I couldn’t even find the icon or whatever to access my app.

I did, however, learn how to take photographs of the people so far away.

At one point, in the Chat section of our word game, I received a long message about arrangements for a meeting. Since this allegedly came from Sam Knight, in whose name we play the game, I assumed it was one my son had intended for someone else.

No. It was my grandson sending a message on auto. I completely lost the plot when he tried to explain that.

We were joined by Orlaigh and her rabbit – er, brother.

The computer was eventually set up in the dining room so we could continue conversing over dinner. Unfortunately the signal there, at the back of the house, didn’t produce very clear images so the photographs of my granddaughter tucking into potatoes and salmon didn’t actually materialise.

Jackie spent most of the day working in the garden, with minimal assistance from me.

She photographed various different rhododendrons;

a number of unfolding ferns,

some in the stumpery,

along with a hosta transplanted from elsewhere.

The clematis buds were photographed against the backdrop of John Corden’s favourite shed.

These gladioli buds are burgeoning.

The Assistant Photographer also produced images of a mound of red Japanese maple beside the decking;

purple silene;

and yellow euphorbia.

The Copper Beech is now sprouting leaves.

While we enjoyed our pre-dinner drinks in the rose garden we watched and listened to

Nugget, winging from tree to tree and resuming his repelling rivals routine. “Where’s Nugget” (74)”.

The song is so beautiful that it is difficult to imagine that it is a war-cry.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s wholesome chicken, vegetable, and bacon soup with crisp croutons and crusty bread. The Culinary Queen drank more of the Sauvignon Blanc, while I opened another bottle of the Rheinhessen and drank some of it.



  1. It sounds like you may have needed a rest after your video chat, but how lovely that you can do it.
    Jackie took wonderful photos of your garden, and I can imagine you both sitting there with your drinks and listening to Nugget’s beautiful war song.

  2. We are the technologically challenged generation. All those who came after were born with an innate ability to ‘get it’. I was always knocked sideways by my own girls abilities and rely on them to fix the bits that I muck up on a regular basis. With no grandchildren in my life, I can only imagine that the very young have a language and ability that is well beyond my ken. Still, it’s good to be challenged and learn new skills, however feeble we may feel about it πŸ™‚

    I love the stumpery! I wonder if any hedgehogs have taken up residence there? I would if I was a hedgie I’m sure.

    1. Thanks very much, Pauline. When we lived next door to the De Hems pub in Soho Michael, in his early teens, was the Space Invaders champion. We’ll look and listen out for hedgehogs.

  3. I’m cheering for Nugget! And our 8-year-old granddaughter video chats with us using a variety of similar filters. I’m jealous of her ability to do all that.

  4. There is no way I could keep up with that 11 year old! That technology is way over my head. The garden looks gorgeous. We have a beautiful red Japanese maple too…I love them. Glad Nugget is happy!

  5. (laughing at all of us old farts) Love the theme of the comments, Derrick: Hooray for Nugget and the angst of trying to get what the grand kids are doing on the computers. I for one and still in awe how my kids and grad kids can type so FAST on those little phone screens. I hunt and peck, and they use both thumbs at a blistering pace

    1. Thank you very much, Sherry. We have had every opportunity to watch him in action – including his courting song. Now one of the few bird sounds I recognise πŸ™‚

  6. Oh, those young-uns are such fun AND help to keep us young! πŸ™‚

    I love when one of the owls “flies” into your photos! πŸ™‚

    It’s nice you can enjoy Mr. Nugget’s singing. Hmm…not sure the other male robins are enjoying it though. πŸ˜‰
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚

  7. I loved the shot of Nugget! I like the shed too, we used to have similar one until one day it gave up completely. Always reminded me of Grandpa’s khazi in Chitti Chitti Bang Bang.

    Technology moves along so quickly, it’s becoming very hard to keep up! Who would have thought it, eh?

    The garden is looking so beautiful, the difference in climate still surprises me, nothing is out yet up here, at least not in the heady heights of our windy garden.

  8. Love the photo of Nugget πŸ™‚ We see a lot of bulbuls, sunbirds and tree pies. The flowers and plants are so beautiful. Our grandson was taking photos with special effects and videos in slow motion and superfast ones in our mobiles. We did not even know about them πŸ™‚

  9. I’ll confess it — those apps seem odd to me, rather than fun, but then — I’m an old fogey. On the other hand, I had a video chat yesterday with my 93 year old aunt in Kansas City. Beyond chatting, she showed me the poinsettia she’s nurtured along, and I showed her my bird feeders. We were entirely too proud of ourselves.

  10. Even though you are somewhat older than I, Derrick (I am always 18), you are much more advanced in remote communication with grandchildren. I sincerely admire your computer prowess as my grandson (the only one among all girls) has given up on me in that department long ago. We are only Whatsapping, and he tells me what he does with computers, while I don’t understand a word. He has just turned 10.
    Mr Nugget is perched on a bench in the center of the photo.

  11. Technology makes the head spin. ?
    I actually have to take nap after finding new apps and learning how to use them. My nephew thinks it’s funny
    Lovely photos Derrick

  12. Good to see how technology and nature are helping you to overcome current situation.
    Flowers are beautiful from your garden and family πŸ™‚

  13. You’re further along than me with the apps. I’m with Cinnamon girl on the naps. I do love the ferns and stumpery with the owl.

  14. I’m pleased to say I understood every word you wrote about technology. However, when you put them into sentences you completely lost me. I’m thinking of breaking out the fountain pen and starting to write letters again. I can understand paper, ink and stamps.

    I once had an alarming experience when working on a farm. The door fell off the toilet. Fortunately my modesty was preserved because I was reading the paper. πŸ™‚

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