About Derrick Knight

I am a man who on 7.7.12 reached his three score years and ten, and is living on the Biblical bonus time.  Fortunate enough to be able to look forward to a hopefully healthy future and back to a fully involved past I have been encouraged to produce a blog based on my ramblings. These ramblings were on foot when I began in May 2012, and in my head, reflecting on a lifetime, aided by a large collection of photographs. Arthritis now prevents me from doing long walks, so Jackie drives me somewhere I can have a short wander.  I have led an active life; have suffered losses in adulthood which have helped to make me who I am;  have five children and nine grandchildren; my career has been in Social Work and personal therapy; as Mordred, I set cryptic crosswords for twenty years.  Our New Forest home is a former village shop near New Milton.

Since my family life can be a little confusing, I have provided this post: https://derrickjknight.com/2014/01/05/my-branch-of-the-family-tree/

This is a map of the garden: Garden Map crop 1

216 thoughts on “About Derrick Knight

  1. As a Wimbledonian (and a fan), it was lovely to read your reminiscences of Sandy (Denny), and see a lovely picture of her with David, who himself died tragically young, in 1980, having supported her and Fairport in their American tours. Their father also lost his wife around the same time. Very sad. Sandy’s daughter Georgia lives in Australia.

  2. Hi Derrick, I found your blog when I looked up Kings huts (pennington). I was walking around the open gardens there today and passed this intriguing gateway, taking a gander I saw this wonderful sundial on the side of the house. And I thought “how does a fabulous object like that appear on the side of a cottage at the arse end of pennington?”. Your post answered all my questions. Then I read some other posts and realised you live at castle malwood lodge. I live in Sway and have wondered what castle malwood lodge was as I have seen it from the forest when walking the dogs in that area. I did not know what it was called and when I tried walking up the road on google maps I couldn’t find it (I wasn’t sure at what point on our walk we had seen it) I thought I must be the house of someone pretty important, and I wondered who lived there. So you have solved two mysteries for me today. Thank you very much.
    ps. Does the lodge have open days or anything like that? or is it just a private residence. It looks to be an architectural gem.

      • What a fascinating blog! I found it from a quick google of friend Jeanie Mellersh. We lived in April Cottage, on Seaman’s Lane, in 1996-98, had our first child there, still in love with the place. I shall read more of your ramblings, especially from the Castle Malwood era! Lynette

  3. Hi Derrick,
    I’m an amateur animator and I was wondering if you would mind me using on of your photographs as the background to an animation? The photo is called “gorse-and-trees.jpg”. My animations are just hobby and not used for anything commercial. I generally post them on YouTube. If you are happy for me to use the photo I will of course send you the link to the animation on once it is finished.
    Thank you and regards,

  4. Good Evening Derrick;
    Unfortunately, most stamps are not very valuable,! This is great if you are interested in them for their historical value. They also are a great war of teaching grandkids about the world, without spending much $$.
    I still find some of the geography I earned in the 50’s collecting stamps useful!.
    My Salem collection has shoebox of junk mail from the Civil War onwards.
    By gathering anything & everything relating to Salem, new or old, I was able to
    really give a time capsule, that the pro’s/ historians did not bother to save.
    We had a full century of all sorts of commercial & manufacturing activity, and the
    pos are just now waking up to what the missed. You cannot imagine how scarce
    any of local paper is relating to this era. NO catalogs, photos, paper
    of any sort can be found,yet is was once free for the asking!


  5. I can see why you would like my poem about gardens…yours is breathtaking…thank you for liking my blog…but more, thank you for the pictures of your garden…stunning…breathtaking beauty. Katie.

  6. Oh my goodness – I have to thank Lynn at Lynz Real Cooking very very much for introducing your blog. It’s look so far up my street that I might move in!

  7. DEAR DERRICK came across your blog while looking for images of a FERULA.
    I assume your very worthy Lidl does not have these in stock, but I am looking to acquire one, or make a reproduction (with plastic whalebone).
    Do you know of a source, or the Dimensions for a maker to use.

    I am John Gosling, e mail goz747@gmail.com

    I was at wimbledon, leaving in 1966, and I am sure we have many of the same recollections

  8. I have discovered your photograph of Elm Cottages, Coldharbour Road, Lower Dicker in 1910. In the 1911 Census my grandparents, Alfred and Elizabeth Kirby, and their six children lived at No. 3 Elm Cottages. Do you have any other information/photos relating to this property?

  9. I have seen your comments around on several blogs I follow so decided to stop by for a visit to meet you in person! I am retired from the field of social services with a bunch of kids and grandkids, and a wonderful husband so sounds like we have a few things in common! Hello! !

  10. You sister Liz put me onto your blog, so I am new to all this. I am hoping to write a book of the dog walks I have done in Hampshire and Wiltshire, so Liz mentioned your blogs and to have a look at it. Amazing pictures

  11. Hi Derek,

    Stumbled on your site while trying to find info regarding the former GLC/ILEA sports ground I frequented in around 1980.

    Had a walk in Morden park today, and “found” the nets and tennis courts, and thought I was in the right area.

    Lovely blog, thanks for your effort

  12. Hi Derek,

    Stumbled across your Blog while trying to find info regarding the former GLC/ILEA sports ground I frequented as a lad arounf 1980.

    I found the cricket nets and car park while having a walk there today, so guessed I was in the right area,

    Anyway, lovely Blog, thanks and well done


  13. Hi Derrick – I loved reading your ‘Get Two’ post featuring my father – he is indeed furthest right and closest to the net. If you’re willing, i’d love to chat briefly? – purely from a family / historical / friendly perspective.

  14. Good evening – just discovered your blog whilst trying to find out about the horse trough near Wootton Bridge which someone was telling me about today – he said it had an inscription saying it was a gift from Brighton something or someone but he couldn’t see it properly. I remembered there is a Brighton Road in Sway, wondered if it might be connected, haven’t had time to go and look for myself though I’m not far away (near Bransgore). Wondered if you knew anything. Love your photos – and descriptions, esp the food and wine!

  15. Hi Derrick
    Great to find your blog, and I’m enjoying your reminiscing (being nearly as old as you!)
    I am writing a blog this year – ‘1967: Diary of a Posh Schoolgirl’ – and wonder if I may use your picture of Mitcham fair? I would credit you, of course.
    With best wishes

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  17. Hi Derrick:
    I came across your blog as a result of reading a different blog – “Still the Lucky Few”. In paging through your blog site though, I know I will be coming back and will be following your travels through the blogosphere. I, myself, will be turning 77 this year and began blogging about five years ago. Blogging and my daily Facebook quips to get people smiling is one of my main purposes in life these days along with keeping the wife happy and visiting our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren whenever we can. Hope you get a chance to drop by my site and hopefully enjoy my rants and raves which are all done in fun. Take care.

      • How interesting – I started my insurance career in 1963 (before that I bounced around from job to job until insurance found me as the saying goes) and was able to make a career of it until 1995 when I was down-sized out at age 55 and again down-sized out by another company just before my 56th birthday. But, we look at it as one of the best things that happened to us as we have been retired now 20+ years and have never looked back. Been blogging since 2012 but only became more active with it over the past few years. I am enjoying your site and I too will be following you in these, our twilight years.

  18. How very interesting. I’m seventy myself, and initially trained and worked as a medical social work, both in the US and in Liberia. Now? I varnish boats for a living, and amuse myself with writing and photography. Since I don’t have any grandchildren as delightful as Poppy to use as subjects, I have to content myself with the natural world. I’m looking forward to seeing a part of it through your eyes.

  19. Mr. Knight, my name is Lawrence Pray. I was taught French at Vincent Massey Secondary School in Windsor, Ontario, Canada by a Bryan Snalune. I wonder if it is the same Mr. Snalune. He taught here for several years and then returned to England. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  20. Hi Derrick
    It’s Shirley, I have thought of you often, my saviour, would love to get in touch with you again.
    My phone number is 07846 366 905
    Leah still remembers you, and Courtney sends his love too, Been nice to read about you and would love to get in contact.

  21. Hi Derrick
    I’m a local website designer (Seajar Digital) based in Christchurch and I am working on a website for a business in Wimborne. I found your fascinating blog and particularly your post about Wimborne Minster (https://derrickjknight.com/2013/11/23/then-the-tableau-spoke/) whilst looking for good images with a flavour of Wimborne. We wondered if you would be happy for us to use the shot of the Minster with green leaves on the homepage of the website? If you are able to email me (cress@seajar.com) I would be very grateful, then I can give you more details.
    Many thanks!

  22. I have also reached my three score years and ten! Would love to follow you and see more of your garden etc.

  23. Not sure I’ve visited your actual site before, Derrick – I usually view you in my reader.

    I’m building an author site at present, so am interested in the look of things at other blog locations.

    Congratulations. Lovely clean layout. I hope to do as well with mine.

  24. A therapist and wanderer, I am so happy that Anna reblogged your Scarecrow post. Delightful. However, as I have been living in France for over a decade, I can’t imagine wanting to be anywhere else. The map of your garden seems like a perfect place for a mini-wander. My village has many paths, and places to wander without a path, personal favorite.

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  26. Hello Derrick,

    I tried reaching you through the email that WordPress has listed, but with no luck. I wanted to let you know that your name was drawn from among commenters on my blog in December and that you’re the winner of a $5 e-gift card. This was around the time you were getting out of the hospital, I think, so you probably had a lot of messages at the time. Just let me know the correct email for me to send it to and if you’d rather have one from Starbucks or Amazon.


    Platform Number 4

  27. Good morning form the UK. My name is Dennie Wilson and in looking up information about my Great Grandfather Jask Riskit (John Evans), I came across your blog in which you refer to my Dad (Roy Wilson), my Aunt Audrey King (Nee Wilson) and my Nanna (Ivy Wilson). I have lots of paper cuttings and memorabilia , given to me by my Dad,about Jack as a high wire walker, clown and theatre manager. I wanted to say hello.

  28. Hi Derrick, you wrote a blog that included my Grandfather, Rene Fournier. If you wanted more information about his troop and there memorial in the New Forest please let me know 🙂

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