About Derrick Knight

I am a man who on 7.7.12 reached his three score years and ten, and is living on the Biblical bonus time.  Fortunate enough to be able to look forward to a hopefully healthy future and back to a fully involved past I have been encouraged to produce a blog based on my ramblings. These ramblings were on foot when I began in May 2012, and in my head, reflecting on a lifetime, aided by a large collection of photographs. Arthritis now prevents me from doing long walks, so Jackie drives me somewhere I can have a short wander.  I have led an active life; have suffered losses in adulthood which have helped to make me who I am;  have five children and nine grandchildren; my career has been in Social Work and personal therapy; as Mordred, I set cryptic crosswords for twenty years.  Our New Forest home is a former village shop near New Milton.

Since my family life can be a little confusing, I have provided this post: https://derrickjknight.com/2014/01/05/my-branch-of-the-family-tree/

This is a map of the garden: Garden Map crop 1

231 thoughts on “About Derrick Knight

  1. Hello, Derrick, Glad I remembered your website from memory and am able to drop a line to explain that I have had some problems with FB this evening and as a result have been unable to access Scrabble. This has happened before and I usually get back in after a few weeks or so, but I don’t know what to do as unfortunately I am not a computer whizz! Thankfully I have remembered some things people have said and I am able to contact some of the nicer people I chat to on Scrabble to explain. Hey, but unfortunately for you, I can “keep an eye on you on here ” hahaha You really are a man about town Mr K! Barbara

    1. Hello, Barbara. Well done. I hope you get on Scrabble again soon. If you don’t manage it before Wednesday we’ll have to carry our game over until 15th. August when I return from France. I will continue to blog over there, but won’t be able to play Scrabble. X. D.

      1. Hello Mr K, I’ve eventually found your reply!! I have been having a sneaky peek and am glad to see you are having fun. Have you gone alone though? You said you flew over, is that because you don’t drive now? Have you chosen this time for your trip to escape the Olympics? Questions, questions, questions …. Sorry …. Has he time to answer on top of his ramblings about his ramblings I ask?B x

  2. Yes, I don’t drive now; yes I have escaped London during the Olympics, but I’m sure you’ve read Family Pride by now; yes he has time to answer, but tonight’s post will tell you why he’s been a bit delayed!

  3. Hello Derrick…with my limited time and even more limited internet connection (I am at this very moment sitting in my car in the car park in Minstead opposite the little tea room/shop grasping onto whatever tiny bit of BT WiFi Hotspot I can find – probably courtesy of the pub) I have managed to have a quick browse through your blog and thoroughly enjoyed reading some of your daily snippets, just as I enjoyed our chance meeting and chat on your ramblings this morning…

    1. So pleased, Yolanda. I’ve written most of today’s, but it won’t go on until this evening. You never know what might crop up, and it’s a family joke that I always sign off with the evening meal. If you ever need a hotspot urgently, visit us at 4 Castle Malwood Lodge – up the hill from the village green, whichever way you go at the fork there is a signed drive just before you get to the A31. 07801458282

  4. hi derrick

    this is very left-field, but are you the same derrick wright who wrote Beyond the Pale? My childhood home was 25 Morpeth Mansions in London, the home of Mary Stanton. I’d be fascinated to speak with you if this rings a bell! many thanks Michael Herbert

  5. Dear Derrick
    I visited your blog, which has very nice photographs.
    I am working to make new and more modern my site,
    and I would put as background your wonderful pictures honeysuckle, of course quoting your name and putting the link to your blog.

    Can I have your permission?

    Thank you in advance, I’ll send you my best regards, and sorry for my English, not too good.

  6. Hi Derrick,

    Sorry to bother you I’m contacting you from BBC News Online. I’m working on a feature about Christmas street decorations and I was wondering whether you took the photo/own the copyright to the photo posted on 08/12/13? If so, can I please use the image in my feature? I can of course credit your name/the photographer.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Many thanks and kind regards,

  7. A quick note of thanks to you for liking my post on the Lake Boga Flying Boat Museum. I am so glad you found it of interest. My ears picked up when I noticed you live sometimes in the Dordogne. Hubby and I had a week there last October (’14), staying in a farmhouse near Le Pizou. Really something different for us Aussies. GG

      1. Bet she was an old lady spinster. Hahaha, It is a very old-fashioned name. Can you believe Perth is more than five hours flying on the other side of the country? One time hubby and I won mystery flight tickets and found ourselves doing a day trip! I tell everyone I went to Perth for an ice-cream. Giggle. It is a beautiful city, and there is something quite magical for east-coasters to watch the sun setting over the ocean. It really screws with your sense of direction.

      2. Re Auntie Gwen – correct. I would believe the flight time because I’ve done it. My son’s wedding was in a Margaret River winery in December 2008. With my youngest daughter and her family, after a couple of days with the new in-laws in Perth, I spent a few days in the chalet on the SW corner; a week in Melbourne, and a further week in Sydney.

  8. Derrick, I am interested in any information you have on Castle Malwood Lodge, its history and any photographs of it when a private house. My grandmother started ‘in service’ there under the Harcourts, so have been looking around for any relevant information or lines of enquiry to follow.

    1. Thank you Jim. I have loads of photos of the Lodge during our time there, but I doubt that is what you are looking for. One post that partially deals with the history that you’ve probably already read, is https://wordpress.com/post/35842407/9506/ which speaks of Sir William Harcourt and Gladstone’s sequoia which your grandmother would have known. There is what, as far as I remember, is a framed newspaper cutting showing a photograph of Harcourt standing outside the recently built house, in the entrance hall leading to our flat number 4. Unfortunately I didn’t make a copy. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help. You are welcome to take any current photos from the blog posts, should they be of any use.

  9. Hi Derrick!
    It seems you have, and do, lead a full life! Your stories and pics make me a little home sick for the UK – even after so long away! A sign of good writing methinks!
    Thank you for visiting my site and for the likes and follow. Welcome aboard and hope to see you soon!

  10. I’m glad I found your blog, Derrick, it’s a great Inspiration. By the way, thank you for following and your interest in mine. Sorry for my english – I’m out off practice for so many years…

  11. Hello and a big thank you for sharing snippets of your life with all of us. It is really wonderful. I have been trying very hard for years now to get my father-in-law to start a blog and share the wonderful stories from his life but he is content with just reading and I’m not able to motivate him sufficiently.

    Keep up the good work Sir… God bless you.

    Warm Regards,


  12. Dear Derrick,
    I wonder if you would mind me using your photo of the Cuff Billett jazz band playing outside at a show on our web site http://www.concordeclassics.co.uk/. This Jazz band will be playing at our car show on Sunday 6th September. The car show is a charity car show where every penny we make goes to Naomi House Children’s hospice. Please let me know if this is ok



  13. Ah! A New Forest resident. My formative years were spent in Sway, schooled in Brockenhurst and Mum saw out her final years in New Milton where my Aunt still resides (my cousins are in Christchurch and Barton nowadays). Small world. Thank you for the follow, Derrick

    1. Many thanks Alex. I am honoured by your nomination. However, I am a bit inundated, and cannot do justice to the requirements, whilst not wishing to bring about a breakdown in the chain. I have reluctantly decided not to accept any more awards, but to continue to point to blogs I admire, by references in my posts.

  14. Dear Derrick,

    I love some of your photographs and wondered whether I could have your permission to use one [of the fallen trees blocking a path] for my newsletter to Countryside Access Wardens?

    Many thanks and kind regards,


  15. Hi Derrick, my name is Victor Bennett and was at Wimbledon College from 1954 to 1957 before leaving for seminary after completing Lower Grammar 1. I believe we are more or less the same age and who can forget ‘Bats’? I had the misfortune of once ‘scrumming’ him into a Lower Grammar classroom, thinking he was a prefect opening the door with a Yale key. The other lads then enjoyed watching ‘Bats’ beating me up! Some of the names from my year were Terence Daintith, Danny Weston, Michael Thorpe, Peter Jolley, Anthony Stone, Peter Keyworth, Gerald Ponsford, Paul Bentley, to name but a few. I’m retired now living in Cape Town. Unfortunately, yours is name I do not recall but it would be good to hear from you, hopefully after the Boks beat the ABs! Best Regards, Victor

    1. Hi, Victor. Very pleased to hear from you. We were contemporary, but we were in different streams. I do remember most of the names you quote. Peter Jolley and Gerald Ponsford kept me out of the First XV. Peter died quite a number of years ago now. I am not sure how or why. Wonderful to have mistaken Bats for a prefect. If you have a look at https://derrickjknight.com/2015/05/10/school-photos/ you will see a couple of my form photographs, one bearing signatures on the reverse. Keep in touch.

  16. Hi Derrick, Thank you for your reply and congratulations to the ABs on yesterday’s win! I was fly half and kicker in all the school teams from Figures to Lower Grammar. In ‘Ruds’, Bats took us for rugby. He would halt the game if anyone missed a tackle and the culprit would have to face either Paul Bentley or Gerald Ponsford, the biggest forwards, running straight at them! You never missed a tackle after that! Gerald told me after a game, how he hated the possibility of hurting someone in those situations. My younger brother Jeffrey also went to Wimbledon. He is five years younger. I do recognise some of the faces in your school photos, I was in Figures 1 and Ruds 1. Then I recall we were all “streamed” and I joined a new conglomerate form in Lower Grammer 1, which was my last year there. I would love to stay in touch. My personal email address is victorgbennett@gmail.com Best Regards. PS Do you remember Romans and Carthaginians?

  17. So sorry to hear about Peter Jolley…last year I found out that Michael Kilby, another contemporary of ours, passed away. Increasingly, this will become an unfortunate but inevitable consequence of having reached three score and ten. Best regards to you and yours, Victor.

    1. As you know, Oscar. I’m not into awards either, but this one is perfect. To receive this from you is to be treasured. Some of my favourites are also on your list, so I believe I am in good company.

  18. Dear Derrick. I am researching my family history and just come across through the power of the internet your mentions of my Great Uncle Ken ( Kenneth Lovell) of ewhom I have a brief memory as a young child in the early 60’s. My father spent a lot of time at the hospital in London, St Georges , I think at the end with his mother, Kens sister. Your kind words in the blog have made my day. Any information you may have would be gratefully appreciated. Yours Paul Restall

  19. I should have known by your comment that you were in the helping profession. Who would have thought a social worker? It’s funny how we can search each other out even online.

  20. Hi Derrick, I just discovered your blog and have spent the better part of an hour reading through it and looking at your brilliant photographs. Thank you for this blog, I will be back soon! πŸ™‚

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