Illuminated by a strong sun in a clear blue sky, the same paths I walked yesterday looked very different.  The dripping pegs now held a line of washing.  The pumpkins had been harvested; the windfalls seemed more palatable; and butterflies flitted among the vines. Today Moreen drove us to the marvellous house, built by Paul andContinue reading “Leona”

That Champagne Moment

The mist that enshrowded a recently slumbering Sigoules rousing, stretching, and rubbing its eyes this morning augured as well as yesterday’s clear sky.  We were not disappointed.  We had a gloriously sunny day when Mo, John and I later ambled around Bergerac and did some shopping. As I walked up past Les Caves, from which,Continue reading “That Champagne Moment”


The pastel shades of the marbled paper that was the dawn sky over Sigoules looked promising this morning.  I walked the La Briaude loop.  Filigreed leaves along the Eymet Road confronted the rising sun whose light gradually crept across the fields. Birds sang, cocks crew, and hens cackled.  The enraged bellowing of a man seemingContinue reading “Presents”

Getting There

Another glorious morning followed a stormy night.  We had a powercut and left early for the airport for my trip to Sigoules.  At least we would be able to get a coffee there.  This was just as well, for arnoreal obstacles made it difficult to leave Minstead.  A nuber of smaller branches littered the lanes.  AsContinue reading “Getting There”

Michael Fish

I’m having a bit of fun looking back over the last eighteen months of blogging, and adding where appropriate some older photographs to the posts.  Today I went back thirty years in my archives add added three to ‘Reminiscing With Don’ of last August. Albeit extremely blustery, it was a beautiful autumn day as weContinue reading “Michael Fish”


We went on a driveabout today.  First stop was Sway Road, Bashley, to view Pemberton House.  This is beautifully built, individually well-designed, and spacious, with high ceilings.  There is good quality parquet flooring throughout.  The decorations and the gardens were just right for us.  But it is a 1950s building and, as such doesn’t appeal toContinue reading “£20”

……Twixt Cup And Lip

This morning, having read yesterday’s blog post, Jackie demonstrated that she has a broader recollection of our first date than I do. I was clearly so bedazzled by her that I only remember the ‘cannibal’ moment.  She, however, recalls the first occasion on which she had to hang around waiting for me to take photographs.Continue reading “……Twixt Cup And Lip”


Last night Jackie researched the history of Bisterne on the Internet.  Emma historian, in her blog featured this year’s Scarecrow Festival, photographing the exhibits as I did.  She had this to say about The Village Hall and The Old School House: ‘The Village Hall was built in 1840 to house the local school and isContinue reading “Lovelocks”

Not A Bad Start

An offer has been made on the London house.  Consequently we are able to view properties rather than sneak around outside, my camera poised like a paparazzo. We began the phone calls to agents this morning.  After I printed, and Jackie framed, The Bridesmaid, the Bisterne house had the honour of being the subject of ourContinue reading “Not A Bad Start”

The Melisende Psalter

This morning I finished an excellent book lent to me by Margery.  It is Thomas Asbridge’s history of ‘The Crusades’, subtitled ‘The War for The Holy Land’.  The research has been immense; the all-embracing viewpoint is unbiased; the writing flows, and consequently this thick tome is entertaining and gripping.  Simon & Schuster’s edition is illustratedContinue reading “The Melisende Psalter”