Contrasting Skies

In January 1964 I took four colour slide photographs of birds being fed at the Tower of London.  The best of these has been lost.  I had used it to produce a calendar for Mum a year or so later.  Sadly, of the twelve pictures selected for that present, this is the only one thatContinue reading “Contrasting Skies”

In Search Of The Action

Yesterday Becky gave me another computer lesson, this time in tagging.  She showed me how to tag my posts and explained the significance of doing so.  That, therefore, is another editing job for me.  I made a start on the task this morning. A violent storm that had raged throughout the night and morning gaveContinue reading “In Search Of The Action”


Glittering white frost coated the lawn this beautiful, cold, blue-sky morning as Jackie drove us to West Totton’s Tesco Express to buy a few essentials, like bread and potatoes.  I had intended to walk back from the Minstead turn off on the A337. However, where the sun had not reached the road surfaces they were soContinue reading “Toytown”

An Aesthetic Sacrifice

‘The Matrix’, last night’s television film, was beyond me.  I lasted nearly two hours before giving up and going to bed.  Two others of the assembled company had had seven attempts between them to understand it, and never finished it.  Becky managed to see it through this time. On this beautiful, sunny morning, balmy enoughContinue reading “An Aesthetic Sacrifice”

The Young Visiters (Sic)

Mat and Tess went home last night. This morning normal family life was resumed. After lunch Becky had us all screaming with laughter as she continued ‘The Young Visiters’ reading.  For those unfamiliar with nine-year-old Daisy Ashford’s 1919 masterpiece it is highly recommended for its juvenile spelling, observation, and hilarious gleanings from adult conversation.  ItContinue reading “The Young Visiters (Sic)”

What Do You Want?

Buzzards circled overhead this morning, causing a certain amount of consternation among the other birds. During the morning I did my best to ignore yesterday’s Dr Who on BBC iPlayer and Eastenders, as everyone enjoyed an after the excitement low-key morning. Matthew has bought Tess a cage and various other accoutrements for Guinea Pigs.  ItContinue reading “What Do You Want?”

The Revived HMV

Last night’s curry meal was one with which Jackie excelled herself.  Everyone enjoyed it immensely and we continued talking late into the evening. Christmas Day 1965 was my nephew Jimmy Clancy’s first one.  In today’s calendar picture he looks pretty happy with his haul of presents. The family rose at unprecedented early hours and weContinue reading “The Revived HMV”


The theme of the Newark Caribbean Club carnival float in September 1995 was the nativity.  Becky designed and painted the adornments.  Her shepherd sleeping peacefully among his flock is today’s advent picture. This morning I printed enough copies of yesterday’s scanned pictures for each of the three sisters to have one of everything and BeckyContinue reading “Dunkirk”

The Power Cut

Flo is seventeen today.  In our advent picture she wears one of a series of Christmas fairy dresses Jackie made for her.  This, the first our granddaughter remembers, was in 1999.  Jackie also took the photograph of the garment that was worn daily until it split as Flo grew. Flo shares her birthday with herContinue reading “The Power Cut”


On Boxing Day 1964, Joseph enjoyed a creative session with the set of paints a misguided individual had given him.  I must have been attempting to interest him in decorating the kitchen.  Well, at least he has provided us with an advent picture for today, and he certainly decorated himself.  As often when reproducing theseContinue reading “Banter”