Have I Simply Gone Mad?

A robin and a blue tit saw off a nuthatch from the bird station.  Really it was the robin who did the business, the tit being like the little kid who eggs on the bully to snatch some of the glory.  The robin then stood guard, looking threatening, while the tit, knowing he didn’t belongContinue reading “Have I Simply Gone Mad?”

The Benefits Of Hearing

A new visitor alighted on the bird table today.  Jackie was able to view this creature from the hide she had constructed in the kitchen.  As usual, as for the would-be panda photographer in the Kitkat television advert, when I arrived with the camera, the bird disappeared.  She had to look it up in DaveContinue reading “The Benefits Of Hearing”

Our Shrinking World

On a drowsy Sunday morning the birds were our main focus of attention. Wagtails are always on the lawns, but in recent days, attracted by the mealworms, they have ventured onto the feeder, much to the chagrin of the robins, who are quite vicious in their suggestion that this is their territory.  The visitors’ tail feathers areContinue reading “Our Shrinking World”

Just To Wind Me Up

It was a long morning.  Knowing that Matthew was coming straight on here for the weekend after dropping Tess and Jo off at Gatwick airport at 5 a.m. got us up early. Mat and Oddie arrived at 6.45.  Soon after this I realised it was also a cold morning, and indeed, the harsh weather is back.Continue reading “Just To Wind Me Up”

Dear Photographer

Before Jackie drove me to Donna-Marie in Poulner for my very occasional haircut, I walked the Bull Lane/Trusty Servant loop. A knotted mass of mossy tree roots in the strip of forest alongside Upper Drive always has me wondering whether Celtic designers, all those centuries ago, had gained their inspiration from similar natural phenomena. At theContinue reading “Dear Photographer”

A Damsel In Distress

Another warm day meant we could admire Jackie’s flowering violas and tagetes seedlings whilst lunching in the garden. On 5th March I had got hopelessly lost and therefore considerably delayed when looking for Ditchend Brook en route from Godshill to Frogham.  Studying the Ordnance Survey map afterwards I discovered the route of this waterway windingContinue reading “A Damsel In Distress”

You Deserve All You Get

Today was warm enough for us to lunch outside, using a small table and folding chairs on the stone path leading up to the kitchen door.  Jackie’s small garden outside there is taking shape.  This afternoon we drove to Aldi at Romsey for potting compost, a Polish Spirit clematis and a few other items. LastContinue reading “You Deserve All You Get”

Taking A Hint

Emily is now a nineteen year old student of Art History at Nottingham University.  As I gazed skywards this morning, whilst waiting for Jackie to unlock the car to take me to the station for my London trip for visits to Norman and Carol, I saw one of my granddaughter’s first drawings.  When asked whatContinue reading “Taking A Hint”

Further Fox Activity?

Not having quite enough time this morning to reach the Lyndhurst surgery on foot, I set off three quarters of an hour ahead of Jackie, who followed and collected me as I walked past Sinefield on Forest Road.  She delivered me to the doc’s in good time. My appointment with Professor Lyon-Maris was to checkContinue reading “Further Fox Activity?”

The £2.00 Pint

Yesterday I received John Green’s package of comments on what is likely to be my last Listener Crossword.  They were largely positive and some complimentary.  John is the very thorough checker of the entries for this, the pinnacle of crosswords.  Having performed this free service for many years, John provides statistics, both personal and general,Continue reading “The £2.00 Pint”