A Knight’s Tale (134: Kilcullen Would Have Been Too Far Away)

One evening we were given a trip from Port St Charles into the Atlantic Ocean. Flanked by the lowering sun we then encountered Kilcullen towing New Horizons. Quite why John Peck and Fraser Dodds, who manned the rowing boat New Horizons, needed the attentions of the support boat at this point, I am not sure, for theyContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (134: Kilcullen Would Have Been Too Far Away)”

A Knight’s Tale (133: The Official Welcome)

At last Sam arrived into Port St Charles and successfully brought his boat into dock. He sat aboard for a while, preparing himself for his first touch of land for two months. Then came the official welcome of Ken Crutchlow, Secretary of the Ocean Rowing Society, filmed by Dixie, Before doing anything else Sam was required toContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (133: The Official Welcome)”

A Knight’s Tale (132: Awaiting The Arrival)

With about two days to go before Sam’s expected arrival into Port St Charles, excitement was enhanced by a golden sunset, which is almost a cliché. Not in Port St Charles. Jessica watches as Louisa shows her photographs to Dixie Dean, the Society’s cameraman. Birds like the Yellow breasted Sunbury, and the Barbados Bullfinch, theContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (132: Awaiting The Arrival)”

A Knight’s Tale (131: Bridgetown Part 2)

There follows the last stretch of my walk to Bridgetown. Bougainvillea continued to spread its various shades of magenta and pink along the roadsides. In the first of these two pictures, the rambling plant seeks the protection of the thorns of the plant to which it clings. Others ramble around buildings that have seen betterContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (131: Bridgetown Part 2)”

A Knight’s Tale (130: Bridgetown Part 1)

One morning I walked the ten miles from our hotel to Bridgetown along what passed for a main road.  Whenever I checked directions I was told I should be on a bus.  Not that there appeared to be many bus stops.  If you wanted a ride you leapt into the road and gesticulated.  It mayContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (130: Bridgetown Part 1)”

A Knight’s Tale (129: Waiting On Barbados Part Two)

Here is a selection from a swimming trip in the waters of Port St Charles harbour: Louisa just had to join the turtles, like pebbles washed by tidal waters, the colours of their carapaces brightly contrasting with their natural element which reflected the skies above. In this last picture, Jessica’s toes curl at top left. On my ramblings around BarbadosContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (129: Waiting On Barbados Part Two)”

A Knight’s Tale (128: Waiting On Barbados, Part 1)

During the few days waiting for Sam to arrive in Port St Charles, Barbados, and afterwards, I took the opportunity to roam the Island with my camera. Jessica, Louisa, and I began our stay in an hotel on the southern tip of the island, some miles from the finishing point, but soon transferred to join Chris,Continue reading “A Knight’s Tale (128: Waiting On Barbados, Part 1)”

A Knight’s Tale (127: The Big C)

Next, Sam displayed his boat, Pacific Pete, at Crick Boat Show in Northamptonshire. As a publicising exercise, my son sat on board and answered questions about what this was all about. One gentleman went to great lengths to obtain a good view; another seemed more interested in his lunch; was a third offering Sam aContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (127: The Big C)”

A Knight’s Tale (126: A Nod To Little Gidding)

The last leg of the Henley to Newark row/walk from Nottingham to Newark was 25 miles in length. Sam set off without James, and I trailed in his wake. It is hard to believe that I managed to keep within sight of him as he rowed along the River Trent, but these photographs would seemContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (126: A Nod To Little Gidding)”

A Knight’s Tale (125: Reaching Nottingham)

Sam continued rowing Pacific Pete along the River Soar through Leicester, passing the National Space Centre, and introducing boys at an Outdoor Pursuits Centre to the boat. A harvester gathered in the crop; a coot paddled by; a mallard breakfasted with her ducklings; and a water snake broke the surface of the river in whichContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (125: Reaching Nottingham)”