A Knight’s Tale (73: Mine Was Bent)

A fair was first held in Soho in 1883, and then intermittently, including a fair and market held in aid of the Soho Hospital for Women in 1939. When we lived in Horse and Dolphin Yard The Soho Festival as it was then, and is now, called had recently been reconstituted as an annual event organisedContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (73: Mine Was Bent)”

A Knight’s Tale (72: Upstaged)

The Tokyo Diner at the corner of Newport Street now occupies the site of the laundrette featuring in a television film, as far as I remember, about a search for accommodation by a young mother with two small children. Back in the 1970s I had been sitting in my local Soho launderette watching our washing circulating whenContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (72: Upstaged)”

A Knight’s Tale (71: Chinese Boxes)

From our sitting room we could peer through two windows into a kitchen that appeared also to contain bunk beds. I photographed the scene in November 1976. Chopping of food took place all through the night.  This somewhat interfered with sleep.  In the early hours of one morning Jessica lost patience and rather politely called outContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (71: Chinese Boxes)”

A Knight’s Tale (70: Earning The Gratitude Of Neighbours)

On the outside of a shop on the corner of Shaftesbury Avenue and Macclefield Street, very close to our bedroom window, sat a burglar alarm constantly being set off by spiders and such.  Once activated it would not desist from ringing.  The police could never either trace a keyholder or get one to come outContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (70: Earning The Gratitude Of Neighbours)”

A Knight’s Tale (69: Soho’s Seamy Side)

It was probably meths that the dead man was drinking. On Sunday mornings, after the wild life of the night before, Soho was generally calm and civilised. The small garden squares, like Soho Square in which a visitor photographed me in October 2017, were tranquil places in which to settle with a book. In 1975Continue reading “A Knight’s Tale (69: Soho’s Seamy Side)”

A Knight’s Tale (67: “Don’t Turn Round”)

Following the captured boy featured in my last episode I found another reason for a foray into neighbouring premises. As shown in this very small header picture taken from Wikipedia, Horse and Dolphin Yard is entered beneath an extension of the corner building which spans the De Hems pub and what, in those days wasContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (67: “Don’t Turn Round”)”

A Knight’s Tale (66: Horse And Dolphin Yard)

In 1975 Jessica, Michael, and I settled in Horse and Dolphin Yard in the centre of London’s Chinatown. This photograph of Jessica reflected in the Peel Boys’ Club taken in July that year suggests that our move took place in the summer. The flat was one of two in an historic courtyard building owned byContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (66: Horse And Dolphin Yard)”

A Knight’s Tale (65: The Peel Institute)

From August 1974, when I produced this photograph of the St Pancras skyline which has now changed considerably, Jessica, Michael, and I lived in a house leased to The Peel Institute, a boys’ club in Lloyd Baker Street in Islington.  It was our home on condition that I performed not very onerous caretaking duties inContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (65: The Peel Institute)”

A Knight’s Tale (63: A Course And A Change of Position)

From 1973/4 I attended a weekly training session for Local Authority staff supervisors conducted by Janet Mattinson. It was as a member of this group that I first met Maggie, née Cook, who coincidentally lived in a flat in the aforementioned ( in episode 61) Dolphin Square. During the second year of the course, attendeesContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (63: A Course And A Change of Position)”

A Knight’s Tale (62: Appendicitis?)

1973 was a bit hazy, but I think that must have been the year I found myself in Westminster Hospital because I would have been living with Giles. My crafty body/mind realised that I needed a legitimate reason to let go when I was desperately trying to hold everything together. It gave me what IContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (62: Appendicitis?)”