Virtual Baby Minding

Today was once more warm, wet and windy. The temperature was 14 degrees centigrade even as we drove home from Mat and Tess’s in Upper Dicker this evening. We had gone there to spend the afternoon in support Matthew, on child care duties whilst Tess was working in their Village Shop. They now live in the flatContinue reading “Virtual Baby Minding”

The Cold War And The Three Day Week

Aaron began redecorating our guest bathroom this morning. The wall-hanging cabinet was a typical piece of DIY from our predecessors in that the blue protective plastic film still adhered to the item, which had been secured by just two of the required screws. Aaron took it down, I painstakingly peeled off the film that feltContinue reading “The Cold War And The Three Day Week”

Flaunting Longevity

This morning, before the afternoon wind got up and rain came down, Jackie and I weeded and removed more leaves from the rose garden, in readiness for the application of compost. We still have flowering snapdragons and geraniums, whilst winter cyclamens emerge from hibernation. The pink rose stands sentinel on the Oval Bed, and, showing signsContinue reading “Flaunting Longevity”

Lymington Quay

On a wet, mild, morning, I inserted the penultimate section into the garden album, and printed the final batch of photographs. This afternoon Jackie drove us to Lymington quay and back. She left me to find Dials Antique Clocks, recommended yesterday by Highcliff Watchmakers, while she went in search of Peacocks and baby clothes. WeContinue reading “Lymington Quay”

Weak Salmon Skies

This morning I pasted the South End section into the garden album and printed the Patio set of photographs. This afternoon I had another needle stuck into my arm. So did Jackie. These were our flu vaccinations at the GP surgery. So efficient was the service that appointments were one minute apart. At reception weContinue reading “Weak Salmon Skies”

‘You Read That To Me Too’

Although I am virtually recovered from what my GP thought was diverticulitis, I still have a slight niggle in my lower abdomen. Jackie therefore drove me to a follow up visit this morning. No more antibiotics are required, but a blood test was recommended to confirm the diagnosis. We therefore went on to Lymington hospitalContinue reading “‘You Read That To Me Too’”

Starting Inside

Today was wet, much warmer, and overcast. This morning I cleared up clippings and fallen branches. I have more than once observed that, after our first month in Downton, the inside of the house has been neglected for the garden. Certain items, like the toilet seats, the shower hanging loose in the guest bathroom, its blockedContinue reading “Starting Inside”

First Frost

Our first, albeit mild, frost of the season left a few fingermarks on the garden this morning. Despite its leaving specks of icing on the solar lamps with their suitably frosted design, throughout the day we enjoyed enough sunlight, such as that burnishing our remaining beech leaves, for us to be justified in anticipating a little more overnight twinkling.Continue reading “First Frost”

A Loony

I couldn’t resist nipping out this morning to photograph the dawn skies. When Jackie opened the bedroom curtains she saw what she later described as ‘this loony standing in the middle of the road in his dressing gown and slippers. He must have been freezing’. The first two pictures above are looking down Christchurch RoadContinue reading “A Loony”