SHOULD YOU WISH TO ENLARGE AN IMAGE, CLICK ON IT AND REPEAT IF NECESSARY This morning I walked around the perimeter of the field by the disused phonebox and in service postbox, through Honeylake Wood, and back across the slender ribbon footpath that will soon be obscured by the farmer’s crops. Oak trees are among the latest toContinue reading “Footpaths”

Gold Blends

SHOULD YOU WISH, CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE THEM, REPEATING IF NECESSARY. Jackie did a great deal of tidying and planting today whilst I carried out a little of the latter. We suspected that once the landscape bark in the rose garden began to attract live bird food we would need to sweep the brickContinue reading “Gold Blends”


CLICKING ON THE IMAGES, TWICE IF REQUIRED, WILL ENLARGE THEM. Jackie drove me to New Milton this morning, for me to catch the train to Waterloo and lunch with Norman at Tas. The platform planter’s pansies sparkled with a sprinkling of early rain on this bright, sunny, day. The train was packed, with many people standing.Continue reading “Knitting”

Rain Stops Planting

SHOULD YOU WISH TO ENLARGE ANY IMAGES, CLICK ON THEM, AND REPEAT IF REQUIRED It was Jackie who was up with the dawn this morning. She was struck by the frost on the Modus whilst the cherry was blooming, as the early sun lit the field behind the oak-lined hedge. The Castle Bench also hadContinue reading “Rain Stops Planting”


Despite the promising dawn this morning, and the generally bright, if cold, day, hailstones ricocheted off my window panes as I scanned another batch of colour slides I made earlier -in 1977 to be precise. That June Jessica, Matthew, Becky and I spent a weekend with our friend Carole in Ipswich. The two children were happy takingContinue reading “Steamrollers”

New Arrivals

IMAGES MAY BE ENLARGED BY CLICKING ON THEM, TWICE IF NECESSARY This morning we all joined the other customers in the cafe. Poppy did actually eat most of what was on her plate. An hour or so later, Jackie and I set off back home, reaching there early in the afternoon. Aaron had moved aContinue reading “New Arrivals”

Ducks In The Window

CLICKING ON IMAGES WILL ENLARGE THEM. REPEAT IF NECESSARY The statues bought yesterday were what we think are two of a series representing the seasons; the girl is for summer, and the boy, autumn. These are termed ‘vintage’ which probably means c1950. They have had time to gather signs of age. Mid-morning today, we leftContinue reading “Ducks In The Window”

Which Statues?

CLICKING ON IMAGES WILL ENLARGE THEM. REPEAT IF NECESSARY Yesterday, Jackie bought two nicely weathered stone urns from an outlet in Molly’s Den, and positioned them either side of the brick path. She accidentally let slip that there were four more available. Naturally we had to dash off this morning to procure them. We alsoContinue reading “Which Statues?”

‘What Else Can you Do On A Rainy Day?’

CLICKING ON IMAGES, TWICE IF NECESSARY, WILL ENLARGE THEM. It rained steadily all day, so we decided to take another large bag of garden waste to Efford Recycling Centre. Almost immediately we were held in a long tailback trailing down Christchurch Road. Clearly there were roadworks ahead. Eventually the sight of a yellow cherry picker onContinue reading “‘What Else Can you Do On A Rainy Day?’”

Bread And Cards

My contribution to garden maintenance this morning was to mow the patch of grass and to assist in the edge-trimming. Later, Jackie continued with general planting and weeding. She chose not to disturb the trio of white doves nesting among glorious fallen camellia blooms. Margery and Paul paid a visit, joined us for lunch, andContinue reading “Bread And Cards”