Not As Punishing As Expected

This is the second delicately wind-chiming owl that Jackie has found smashed to smithereens by gale force winds. She wasn’t about to buy another so she carefully super-glued the pieces together late yesterday. She has since managed to prise her fingers apart. Much of the day has been spent tying up or removing fallen plants.Continue reading “Not As Punishing As Expected”

74 Miles Per Hour

The title represents the fastest speed of the hurricane force winds gusting through The Needles this morning. With our garden in direct line about two miles from these there was no point in going out to investigate the damage, so we drove to Barton on Sea to have a look at them. Jackie photographed theContinue reading “74 Miles Per Hour”

A Knight’s Tale (7: World War I)

From my brother, Chris’s, research, I have learned that my potential great uncle, Fred Evans, brother of great uncle John (Jack Riskit) and Grandma Hunter, née Evans, was killed on the Somme in 1916. A first class cricketer and footballer, Fred was expected to play cricket for Lancashire until the war put a stop toContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (7: World War I)”

After The Storm?

Yesterday’s winds had in fact reached gale proportions. This morning I joined Jackie in the garden and carried out a dead heading operation. Roses New Dawn, Alan Titchmarsh, Créme de la Créme, For Your Eyes Only, and Winchester Cathedral were among those that received my attention. Taking a break for lunch and cutting my hair,Continue reading “After The Storm?”

A Knight’s Tale (6: Spanish Flu)

John Richard Evans was the brother of Annie Hunter, nee Evans, my maternal grandmother.  He was therefore my great uncle, and the grandfather of Audrey and Roy, who appear in the street party image featured in “A Knight’s Tale” (5: That Heady, Optimistic, Summer) As a high wire and trapeze artist, John adopted the stageContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (6: Spanish Flu)”

The Gruffalo

Jackie spent this pleasantly sunny morning completing a line of granite setts edging the lawn. I carried a few down from the back drive, so I know how heavy they were. Here is the work in progress; and here, the completed job, and finally the semi-circle around the gazebo planted up. The penultimate image offersContinue reading “The Gruffalo”

Battered, Bedraggled, Bejewelled

I began a thoroughly wet morning by posting: During the afternoon the rain eased off and I wandered round the garden with my camera, photographing battered, bedraggled, and bejewelled blooms, each of which is separately titled in the gallery. Later, I read more of Charles Dickens’s ‘David Copperfield’ and scanned four more of CharlesContinue reading “Battered, Bedraggled, Bejewelled”

A Knight’s Tale (5: That Heady, Optimistic, Summer)

VE Day was just two months before my third birthday. In fact I have no memory of the original event, but I do have photographic evidence that Chris and I were there. This photograph depicts a street party celebrating Victory in Europe at the end of that sphere of World War Two.  For anyone belowContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (5: That Heady, Optimistic, Summer)”

What Had The Child Found?

Early this morning, Jackie took a walk round the garden with her camera. She photographed the sunflower recently photographed in bud, now winking at a ceramic owl, then viewed from the Palm Bed and the iron urn. Two of her prize creations are the petunia-and-verbena-planted hanging basket, one of several whose contents have survived theContinue reading “What Had The Child Found?”

A Knight’s Tale (4: Shrapnel? And Air Raid Precautions)

My brother Chris was born in the October of that year, and, with Dad still in the Army, Mum decided to move herself and her two boys from Leicester to be near her husband’s family in Wimbledon. She then set about finding somewhere to live. 29a Stanton Road, Raynes Park, SW20,  was the address ofContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (4: Shrapnel? And Air Raid Precautions)”