The Witch Hunt

CLICK ON THE SMALLER, CLUSTERED, IMAGES TO ACCESS THE ENLARGED GALLERIES. This morning Jackie drove us to Burley in search of witches. The landscape across the moors early in the morning offered misty slate layers  in the distance. On the approach to Burley, the leaves on the trees were turning the rich colours of autumnContinue reading “The Witch Hunt”

Boldre Bridge

CLICK ON THE CLUSTERED GALLERY IMAGES TO ACCESS THEIR LARGER FORMAT SLIDESHOW. At 16 degrees, our incredibly mild period continues. It was therefore strange today to begin the winter clearing whilst we continue to enjoy blooms from spring and summer. We did so in rather desultory fashion. It is difficult to think of winter whenContinue reading “Boldre Bridge”

A Dog To Befriend

CLICK ON SMALLER, CLUSTERED, IMAGES TO ACCESS ENLARGED GALLERIES WHICH CAN BE FURTHER ENHANCED. Today I scanned more of the black and white negatives from the French holiday of 1985. Whilst we were in the woods featured yesterday, Matthew helped Sam make himself a den. We then explored the pastoral landscape, taking time out for MatContinue reading “A Dog To Befriend”

Heard On The Telegraph

CLICKING ON THE SMALLER, CLUSTERED, IMAGES ACCESSES THE LARGER GALLERIES WHICH CAN BE FURTHER ENLARGED. Many of the negatives from the French holiday of 1985 are in black and white Ilford film. This was my favourite in the dark ages of the early 1980s when I printed my own work in monochrome with chemicals inContinue reading “Heard On The Telegraph”

Where To Eat?

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Today I lunched with Norman in Waterloo’s Lower Marsh. To facilitate this, Jackie drove me to New Milton station in the morning, and home from Brockenhurst this afternoon. These trains are usually crowded, but this morning’s took the biscuit. Had you actually wanted to purchase a biscuit, orContinue reading “Where To Eat?”

A Dewy Morning

CLICK ON SMALL IMAGES TO ACCESS THE ENLARGED GALLERY. Throughout the garden we have plants, such as these bidens that enliven the front entrance, that have self-seeded from tubs and hanging baskets. It was a dewy morning in the forest when we went for a drive. On the outskirts of Wootton, through a break inContinue reading “A Dewy Morning”

Everlasting Sweet Peas?

James Peacock brought back the cured iMac and checked everything was all plugged in and  working well. He also worked out the CR2 format problem. This was because the camera was set to film in RAW mode, and CR2 is the format for that. I had not noticed it before because the Mac automatically convertsContinue reading “Everlasting Sweet Peas?”

The Good Soldier

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. Today I finished reading This frontispiece contains one of Philip Bannister’s excellent illustrations. Although the term was not universally adopted until 1925, the Art Deco period had already begun in France by 1915, when Ford’s novel was first published. This, I imagine, is what inspired Bannister’s front cover design. TheContinue reading “The Good Soldier”

The Never Ending Summer

CLICK ON SMALLER CLUSTERS TO ACCESS LARGER GALLERIES WHICH CAN BE EVEN MORE ENLARGED. This morning, Aaron and Sean finished their tree work. Our friend, of AP Maintenance, demonstrated that he has entered into the spirit of photography when he suggested I might make an action image of him felling a branch. I took two picturesContinue reading “The Never Ending Summer”

Feeding The Birds (2)

CLICK ON SMALLER CLUSTERED IMAGES TO ACCESS LARGER GALLERIES. Mat arrived with Poppy this morning. Our granddaughter was walking about and talking scribble. She was straight into toys. She likes playing with the mice; but was soon absorbed with the seal box and its fish contents, making lots of cooing noises. Stopping for beverages atContinue reading “Feeding The Birds (2)”