Harvest Mice

Seated in the arbour this morning, Jackie and I contemplated the wildlife around us.  A squirrel scampering across the lawn was no doubt seeking store-cupboards for winter supplies.  Underneath a thin covering of the grass lie ancient gravel footpaths.  These are always the first sections to turn brown in a drought.  A scuffed up partContinue reading “Harvest Mice”

West Quay

This was a beautiful, crisp, autumn morning.  It followed a week of rain.  The deep blue heliotrope which had sat on a chamber pot on the two-tone blue garden table had become waterlogged and drowned.  As Jackie and I sat with our morning coffee we had that sense of ‘what now?  the job’s done’.  ButContinue reading “West Quay”

A Pikey

Taking my normal route to Cannon Hill Common; with the exception of entering it through Joseph Hood recreation ground alongside; I paused in Maycross Avenue to chat to Keyline paviers.  Proud of their work, the man in charge told me how, with a membrane and a layer of concrete, they eradicated the weeds which IContinue reading “A Pikey”

Banknotes And Phonecards

Today was a Mordred (posted 12th. July) day. I took my usual route to SW1 for coffee with Carol.  A flattened frog, having attempted to cross the sodden footpath in Morden Hall Park, hadn’t made it.  As I slalomed around the pools, a cyclist who had crept up behind me deftly avoided me as IContinue reading “Banknotes And Phonecards”


Heavy rain was forecast again for today.  As a weak sun was putting in an occasional appearance I set off early for lunch with Norman, hoping to get my walk to Colliers Wood in before the deluge.  I was lucky.  The footpaths through Morden Hall Park and the Wandle Trail, except for dogs, once moreContinue reading “Trilby”

The London Marathon

It being a much brighter day, I set off for Green Park, travelling by underground.  As I left the flat, it began to rain.  This proved to be nothing more than a shower.  I thought I would walk around this public open space which, when we lived in Soho, was a local haunt.  The stationContinue reading “The London Marathon”

Sometimes It Does My Head In

Steady rain continued as I set off to walk to Staples in South Wimbledon and back.  Kendor Gardens was a playground for big fat brown slugs.  In order not to drip all over the stationery products, I took off my sopping raincoat.  This time the store was open, but had only one of the display booksContinue reading “Sometimes It Does My Head In”

Leaving Home

A Scrabble chat with my friend June Brokas, about her daughter and my granddaughter going off to university, reminded me of the times Michael left home.  Ever a resourceful and determined young man, sometime around 1980, my eldest son bought a two up, two down, cottage in South Wimbledon and converted into two flats whichContinue reading “Leaving Home”


This morning, over breakfast, Elizabeth was searching her i-pad for The Moon And Sixpence.  She had been trying to read it in bed last night when it disappeared.  This morning she can’t even trace the Amazon purchase record.  This led Danni to tell us she wanted a Kindle, so she could read trashy books withoutContinue reading “Fatwa”

The Franking Machine

Early this morning all the bird feeders were providing avian breakfast, with the bird bath supplying facilities for a wash and brush up. Watching the splashing about, we surmised that the birds had found the pond water too inaccessible, and consequently welcomed a raised plinth.  Our robin had a fight with his rival over hisContinue reading “The Franking Machine”