The Drove

On yet another warm and sunny afternoon, Jackie drove me to Milford on Sea where Peter, of Sears Barbers, cut my hair. Afterwards we took a trip into the forest. Despite the record high temperatures for February that we have recently experienced, there remain many waterlogged areas offering reflective surfaces. These examples lay on theContinue reading “The Drove”


Elizabeth moved Mum into Woodpeckers Residential Home early yesterday evening, so we paid our mother visit this afternoon. Notice the cattle grid at the entrance intended to deter hopeful ponies from obtaining treats from the residents. Initial reactions are very good. The converted house is well appointed, and the staff caring and attentive, Mum appearsContinue reading “Woodpeckers”

Pigeon Posts

The Head Gardener has become less enamoured of our Lucky pheasant who has clearly taken up permanent residence. Unfortunately, he tends to redistribute her careful placement of shells and peck new shoots off her heucheras. She now tends to attempt to persuade him to depart. He is, however, very smart. Yesterday he led Aaron aContinue reading “Pigeon Posts”

Misty Morning

Having slept much of yesterday, my head was much clearer today, although I was still rather wobbly. However, I did manage couple of short walks in the garden. The first was before the sun emerged. Cars drove with headlights on Christchurch Road; grey skies hung over the garden; yet I was still able to findContinue reading “Misty Morning”

The Epic Of Gilgamesh

Prompted by this post from John Knifton I decided that I must read my own copy of It has waited for 45 years after all. I finished it last week. John’s excellent research tells the story. I concentrated on the coloured illustrations. The are also smaller black and white woodcuts. The very large 8voContinue reading “The Epic Of Gilgamesh”

Across The Border

This morning Jackie drove me to New Hall hospital for a physiotherapy session with Claire. This was most encouraging. We returned across the forest during a pleasantly overcast preprandial period. For several miles along the Wiltshire verges in the vicinity of Hamptworth regular clumps of snowdrops have been planted for the delight of travellers. DonkeysContinue reading “Across The Border”

Walking Better

This morning I reduced the codeine element of my pain relief and toured the garden with my camera. I was walking better as I wandered around making these images. Much of the rest of the morning was occupied with mutually supportive family telephone conversations. This afternoon we took a drive into the forest. A chestnutContinue reading “Walking Better”