Friends From Montana And Switzerland

Early this morning I posted Afterwards I scanned the next three of Charles Keeping’s excellent illustrations to ‘Our Mutual Friend’ ‘Georgiana ran up to embrace her’ ‘Wegg was holding him in the chair with the grip of a wrestler’ ‘Gruff and Glum waving his shovel hat at Bella’ This afternoon we very much enjoyedContinue reading “Friends From Montana And Switzerland”

A Knight’s Tale (43: An Engagement)

One week after Jackie and I met we enjoyed our first date. As I have indicated previously, this was the second time I had waited for a girl who turned up one hour late. This rendezvous was to take place at Victoria station and I had no ambivalence about the meeting. So I waited withContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (43: An Engagement)”

Enough Petrol For Sunset

This morning was spent cleaning, tidying, and vacuuming the house, and completing bed-making. After lunch I scanned the next five of Charles Keeping’s inimitable illustrations to ‘Our Mutual Friend’. ‘ ‘There’s nothing new, I suppose’, said Venus’ gives the artist an opportunity to represent the distance between three men in the room by occupying aContinue reading “Enough Petrol For Sunset”

We Haven’t Done Too Badly

On another blustery morning we carried out domestic indoor tasks and I posted Later Jackie righted most of the fallen pots; I set up a few more, gathered up more tree twigs, and picked up the mirror which was fortunately undamaged. The Head Gardener cleared some broken plants and tied up others. I tookContinue reading “We Haven’t Done Too Badly”

A Knight’s Tale (42: I Find My Direction)

When my grief at my loss of Vivien had subsided somewhat, my brother Chris and his great friend Mike Ozga took me in hand and out with them to various venues.  We rode around in a little mini.  I don’t remember whose it was.  As we were all six feet two or three we caused greatContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (42: I Find My Direction)”

The Wind And The Rain

After overnight rain on a morning of winds still over 50 m.p.h. I was blown around the garden while investigating the damage. The sunlight was very strong, but birds remained silent. The pictures display a range of the comparatively minor disturbance requiring attention when the wind subsides. As usual, individual images are titled in theContinue reading “The Wind And The Rain”

A Knight’s Tale (41: My Awful Night)

Vivien and I were married at St Lawrence’s Church, Sidcup on 8th June 1963. We began our married life in my parents’ house at 18 Bernard Gardens, Wimbledon.   This was where she proudly brought Michael home and we lived for a few more months until we bought 49 Ashcombe Road, Wimbledon for £2,500 (no noughtsContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (41: My Awful Night)”

Photographing Windsurfers

After lunch I posted Later, partly in order to preserve petrol, we took a short drive to Tanners Lane and back. The garage that had been the cause of severe hold-ups two days running as panic buyers queued for petrol, had only a couple of pumps working, so we were able to pass itContinue reading “Photographing Windsurfers”

A Knight’s Tale (40: Not A Book Illustrator)

My first choice of occupation on leaving school at eighteen would have been attending Wimbledon Art School. As the eldest of five, and recognising the family’s need for me to bring in an income, I chose, with no pressure, to do neither this nor apply to University for which my A levels in English Literature,Continue reading “A Knight’s Tale (40: Not A Book Illustrator)”

Angela’s Photoshoot

Beneath oppressively leaden skies on an unseasonably warm morning we carried out some tidying of the garden. Enjoying the sounds of gentle birdsong in the trees; raucous geese honking overhead, and the clinking and scraping of Jackie’s tools as she trimmed the grass and weeded brickwork, I concentrated on sweeping fallen beach leaves and deadContinue reading “Angela’s Photoshoot”