Angela’s Photoshoot

Beneath oppressively leaden skies on an unseasonably warm morning we carried out some tidying of the garden. Enjoying the sounds of gentle birdsong in the trees; raucous geese honking overhead, and the clinking and scraping of Jackie’s tools as she trimmed the grass and weeded brickwork, I concentrated on sweeping fallen beach leaves and deadContinue reading “Angela’s Photoshoot”

Planning A Garden

Richard from Kitchen Makers visited this morning to check measurements and discuss the work he will be doing for us in other rooms after mid-October. As always we spent quite a lot of time putting the world to rights. Later, I posted This afternoon we visited Elizabeth to discuss more of the arrangements forContinue reading “Planning A Garden”

A Knight’s Tale (39: Down The Drain To The Dome)

At weekends during my last years at school I worked with Dad on his removals van. On August 29th 2012 I met Michael for a drink in the Hand in Hand on Wimbledon Common.  Fifty-plus years ago, when I drank there with my own father, this greatly extended Young’s pub was a small spit andContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (39: Down The Drain To The Dome)”

Woodland Ecology

After lunch today I posted The day remained largely overcast, but reasonably warm, so, after a trip to Ferndene Farm Shop we took a drive among the forest lanes. I am not sure what these tractors were doing alongside Preston Lane, but they were sending up clouds of dust. We can never normally stopContinue reading “Woodland Ecology”

A Knight’s Tale (38: Girls)

Although I was to make up for it later, I was rather late in waking up to girls. When I was about fifteen, and working in my school holidays in the Despatch Department of Cawdell’s, formerly Kennard’s store in Wimbledon Broadway, Dad cajoled me into my first foray into the unknown. The Despatch Department, atContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (38: Girls)”

Advancing In Our Direction

After lunch Elizabeth visited to discuss a few matters relating to Mum’s funeral. This included the choice of coffin and flowers. Later, I posted This afternoon we took a drive into the forest. Jackie parked beside Charles’s Lane, and I stepped out to photograph the woodland scenes alongside. On one side of Gorley RoadContinue reading “Advancing In Our Direction”

A Knight’s Tale (37: Garrick House)

The play area in Cottenham Park now occupies the site where I lost my fourteenth summer. I was playing cricket with some friends and no-one wanted to be wicket keeper.  As a bowler I was no wicket keeper.  However I nobly volunteered.  I stood far too upright and far too close to the stumps.  AContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (37: Garrick House)”

Considerable Versatility

This afternoon I posted Later, I scanned the next five of Charles Keeping’s illustrations to Charles Dickens’s ‘Our Mutual Friend’, demonstrating the artist’s considerable versatility. ‘ ‘Does anybody down there know what has happened?’ once more admirably depicts the fog – this time in a text sandwich. ‘Sweet delusion for Pleasant Riderhood’ ‘Bella arrivedContinue reading “Considerable Versatility”

A Knight’s Tale (36: Some Schoolmasters)

A most inspirational teacher, Mr. Millward dedicated his life to teaching history at Wimbledon College.  He was one of those pupils who never really left the school, returning after university to take up his life’s work.  Learning about the Tudors and Stuarts we would eagerly await ‘Sid’ striding into the classroom with a rolled upContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (36: Some Schoolmasters)”

Rooting And Wallowing

This morning while Jackie shopped at Tesco I carried out a bunch of dead heading. After lunch I wandered around the garden with my camera and photographed a range of blooms, each of which is titled in the gallery; a bee on a cosmos and a comma butterfly on verbena bonariensis. Later this afternoon weContinue reading “Rooting And Wallowing”