Standing Out

On another cool, crisp, bright morning of full sunshine we drove to Milford Supplies to buy more picture nails, and continued into the forest. Looking into the valley below and across to a distant, hazy, Bournemouth from Picket’s Post, I watched foraging ponies warming on the moorland. Greys also stood out on the hillside alongContinue reading “Standing Out”

A Knight’s Tale (94: The Stepping Stone Community)

As an Area Manager of the inner city Social Services Department of Westminster, I was continually frustrated at the lack of provision for the care of older adolescents for whom we were responsible.  One of my own clients went to live in the establishment Ann Eland (then Urquhart), was managing in Chelsea.  It had been her ambitionContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (94: The Stepping Stone Community)”

Released From Classroom

Today we made a start on rehanging those of our pictures we have room for. We began with drawings of and by family members spanning some 40 years. Jackie photographed the long and short views of the wall above the white sofa. Each of these images carries a story. Let us start with the 1965Continue reading “Released From Classroom”

A Knight’s Tale (93: The Writing Was On The Wall)

The 1980s was the decade in which, as in every other walk of life, the concept of service in UK Social Care suffered a lingering death. This was subtly subordinated to profit. During the first five of these years the purchaser/provider system began to dominate and convert the task of Social Workers to shoppers forContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (93: The Writing Was On The Wall)”


Early this morning Jackie wandered around the garden photographing the overnight frost and misty garden views. Later we shopped at both Tesco and Lidl, by which time the mist and intermittent periods of sunshine had both lessened. We continued into the forest in search of more atmospheric scenes. Grey ponies dotted the hazy moorland landscapesContinue reading “Atmospheric”

Piet Mondrian’s Pigments

Just as the sun was thinking about sinking into Mudeford Quay today, gulls circled the Wolf Moon, or basked in the bay, in which a man stood on the sandbank and another walked his dog along the reddened shingle. Easier to focus on the reflected sunlight bouncing off glowing windows It took me a whileContinue reading “Piet Mondrian’s Pigments”

Late Afternoon In Ran’s Wood

Many hours of my life have been spent tramping the streets of London. These consequently appear on many of my blog posts, although one series has been particularly dedicated to them From 2004 to 2008 inclusive I made hundreds of photographs with the constraint that the road name must be included in the picture. TheyContinue reading “Late Afternoon In Ran’s Wood”

Barnard’s Inn

This morning I posted After lunch I read more of “Great Expectations” and scanned more of Charles Keeping’s inimitable illustrations. ‘It is a most miserable thing to be ashamed of home’ ‘Joe and Orlick went at one another, like two giants’ ‘Biddy turned her face suddenly towards mine’ ‘Mr Trabb’s boy was the mostContinue reading “Barnard’s Inn”

A Knight’s Tale (92: Violence)

By the 1980s violence against public servants was becoming quite a problem.  I had myself been attacked by a disgruntled client wielding a coffee table.  I was prevailed upon to re-enact the scene in an ITV programme on such violence.  Without giving too many details, I can say that this man made demands concerning aContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (92: Violence)”

Decaying Forestation

On this third afternoon of continuous blue sky and bright sunshine the waxing moon looked down early over Christchurch Road as we left home on a forest drive, and over Rhinefield Ornamental Drive as we made for home. Wilverley Plain’s gorse-laden landscape and ponies already bore the touch of the approaching sunset. A group ofContinue reading “Decaying Forestation”