To The End Of The Day

Before lunch I sent an e-mail scan of the resubmitted probate form to the relevant Government Department; afterwards I posted the form and a covering letter in snail mail. From Everton Post Office we took a forest drive. The landscape with horses in rugs alongside Barrows Lane was nicely lit by the late afternoon sun.Continue reading “To The End Of The Day”

Chasing Her Stick

This morning I published During mid afternoon we took a forest drive to Puttles Bridge and back. Several groups of walkers set out on the flat and reasonably dry trail through the woodland, while I chose the wetter area alongside Ober Water, with its ripples, reflections, mossy stumps and gnarly roots. It was thereContinue reading “Chasing Her Stick”

A Knight’s Tale (96: King’s Lynn)

Sometime in the late 1970s I travelled to King’s Lynn on the Norfolk coast in order to deliver a speech about Social Work to the nuns of a convent about ten miles away. From London this involved a lengthy train journey and cab rides. The town was etched in my memory because it had sufferedContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (96: King’s Lynn)”

Sunset Over Christchurch Bay

Much of the day was spent posting After this I walked out of our front door into Christchurch Road, into Downton Lane, across the Royal Oak carpark, and on to Roger Cobb’s footpath to catch Christchurch Bay in time for sunset. This evening we dined on second helpings of yesterday’s Chinese Take Away withContinue reading “Sunset Over Christchurch Bay”

A Knight’s Tale (95: Gaeddren)

Later in 1983, probably after we returned from the French trip, we holidayed in a farmhouse near Cerrigydrudion in North Wales, where friends Ann and Don were refurbishing their recently acquired house. Sam was soon at the wheel of an elderly tractor, whilst Louisa engaged the attention of the cattle. This misty shot down the valleyContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (95: Gaeddren)”

A Touch Of The Sun

This morning I finished reading my Folio Society edition of ‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens. I will adhere to my normal practice of not giving away the story, despite its great reputation. The book is very well crafted, displaying a number of developing relationships in a young man’s transition from humble origins to gentrification. ThereContinue reading “A Touch Of The Sun”

The Gloomiest Day Yet

Yesterday evening I read more of ‘Great Expectations’ and can now post five more of Charles Keeping’s superb illustrations. In ‘Wemmick’s arm was straying from the path of virtue’ the artist uses a double page spread to indicate space between the elements of the scene. ‘He hugged himself with both his arms, looking back atContinue reading “The Gloomiest Day Yet”

A Prospective Crow’s Nest?

On this still, silent, gloomy gunmetal grey day, apart from the avian variety we discerned very little signs of life as we took a not very hopeful drive into the forest. A pheasant trotted across Sowley Lane; except for one fleeting moment even crows and doves were not in their usual numbers on the roofsContinue reading “A Prospective Crow’s Nest?”