Artificial Carnations

Beginning with Jackie driving me to Southampton Parkway Station, I took my usual route to Norman’s in Harlesden.  This time I walked further than Green Park Underground, crossing Piccadilly and, weaving in and out among the side streets, passing the heavily fortified American Embassy, to Oxford Street where I turned right to Bond Street tubeContinue reading “Artificial Carnations”

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

This morning we visited Berry who lives on the other side of the house.  She had invited us for coffee and an introduction to her ancient tree mapping activity.  An amazing array of birds were enjoying her feeders; several different kinds of tit and a woodpecker were recognisable.  I am fascinated by the tree spotting. Continue reading “Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?”

On A Mission

On another cold dull grey day I put off my walk until after lunch.  Jackie drove me to Ashley Heath, left me there, and I walked back along the Castleman Trailway (see 10th December 2012) to meet her in the Ringwood carpark.  She dropped me off in the One Stop general store.  I realised how aptlyContinue reading “On A Mission”

Stonehenge Sandwiches

After an early brunch consisting of ‘roast dinner soup’ by the chef, she drove us to Salisbury.  I should consider myself fortunate really.  Most people who inhabit country houses need to employ a couple to provide these two services.  I have a staff of one and I don’t need to pay a salary. As usualContinue reading “Stonehenge Sandwiches”

Where Is My Poncho?

After lunch on another bitterly cold day, I walked through London Minstead to the Cadnam roundabout where Jackie picked me up and drove us to The Firs to visit Elizabeth. I was envious of horses in their jackets.  One even wore a scarf.  In fact I contemplated the illicit acquisition of equine accoutrements, then thoughtContinue reading “Where Is My Poncho?”

A Fortuitous Teaspoon

Flurries of snow occasionally accompanied me as I walked this morning to the Royal Oak at Fritham, where Jackie met me for lunch, then drove me back home via Fordingbridge, in time for the kick off of the Wales versus Italy rugby match on television. On the other side of the A31, I eschewed theContinue reading “A Fortuitous Teaspoon”

The A31/M27

We found the password for BT Yahoo, so I was able to get direct access to the Internet on my Apple.  This didn’t last.  I kept being informed that the password was incorrect.  It was perfectly adequate the first time. So I went for a walk.  Down to the village hall; right past Furzey Gardens;Continue reading “The A31/M27”

Harry The Grape

There is nothing more certain to do my head in than to try something either new or that I haven’t done for more than a week on the computer.  You will therefore be able to understand why I have been putting off moving my Apple computer to Minstead from the Firs.  Well, to be moreContinue reading “Harry The Grape”

‘That’s Not A Yew Tree’

On the forest strip alongside our Upper Drive, as I set off to walk via Furzey Gardens road; the ford; and the footpath to All Saints church, I met the unusual sight of four foraging ponies.  Their sunlit-dappled coats blended in so well with the trees that it was only the swish of a rebounding,Continue reading “‘That’s Not A Yew Tree’”