An Extended Flowering Period

The date prompted me to begin the day by providing a link to a post from 2012:       –   well, would you? Any of it? On another very mild morning, we continued preparations for winter. Although a considerable amount of cutting back is required, the garden is still full of colour, some fromContinue reading “An Extended Flowering Period”

Raindrops On Roses

I began the morning by pasting the next series of photographs into the garden album. I have now reached the end of The North Breeze Boundary section. On another wet day we went driveabout before lunch. First trip was to the bank to make a transfer for cleaning in Sigoules. We drove on to Efford RecyclingContinue reading “Raindrops On Roses”

Before And After: The Dead End Path

Becky’s August Birthday meal was twice postponed through illness, as was Ian’s earlier in October. Everyone was fit for Ian’s daughter Heather’s recent one. That is why we drove to Emsworth last night. As far as Becky was concerned, she was just going to Nicolino’s Italian restaurant across the road from their flat with HeatherContinue reading “Before And After: The Dead End Path”

Before And After: Disposal And Recycling

  Jackie had, of course, not been idle during my trip to Nottingham. She has almost completed preparing the front garden beds for winter. It fell to me this morning just to extract a few stubborn euphorbia roots and reset some of the edging stones. The Head Gardener completed the task this afternoon. Aaron, too,Continue reading “Before And After: Disposal And Recycling”

The Earth

My return journey today from Nottingham was uneventful. Louisa drove me to Nottingham Station and Jackie collected me at New Milton. I have quoted Heraclitus’s observation that ‘all is flux, nothing stays still’, in an earlier post. There is no greater example of this than the planet on which we live, which, as Richard Fortey,Continue reading “The Earth”

Pumpkins And Pizzas

Wollaton Hall is an Elizabethan country house of the 1580s standing on a small but prominent hill in Wollaton Park, Nottingham, England. The house is now Nottingham Natural History Museum, with Nottingham Industrial Museum in the out-buildings. Its additional interest for us is that Noel Gervis Pearson, a great great grandfather of Louisa’s two childrenContinue reading “Pumpkins And Pizzas”

Chocolate Surprise Pudding

Jackie drove me to New Milton today for me to begin the first stage of my journey to Nottingham to visit Louisa, Errol, Jessica, and Imogen for a couple of days. The day dawned well, and the rose Compassion flourished aloft. The next five and a half hours were spent travelling. The first leg wasContinue reading “Chocolate Surprise Pudding”

Before And After: The Heligan Path

On our third morning in Downton, as, in order to pick spring flowers, Jackie walked through the undergrowth onto what is now the Weeping Birch Bed, little did we know that a few inches to her right we would find the remnants of a very old path. In the distance, above her head, can be seenContinue reading “Before And After: The Heligan Path”

Before And After: The Phantom Path

Today, Jackie made up an additional, taller, cold frame. We then reorganised the strip by the side of the house at the front. This meant partially rebuilding the original, long, structure which was moved along to accommodate the new one. I was of some assistance in this process. The Head Gardener had made good progress inContinue reading “Before And After: The Phantom Path”

Before And After: The Brick Path

This morning Jackie continued her winter planting, such as this hanging basket and I pruned roses. Here are today’s offerings from the rose garden: Laura Ford, and the climber, Golden Showers. Following yesterday’s post, Jackie has given the Gazebo Path its correct sign. This afternoon Jackie drove us to New Milton for me to visitContinue reading “Before And After: The Brick Path”