On The Slopes Of Holmsley Passage

On our forest drive yesterday afternoon, we noticed far more than a normal number of ponies on the moorland flanking Holmsley Passage. Jackie found a safe spot to park on the verges of the crumbling lane. As I disembarked  the horses all moved on  and I made an uphill effort to keep pace with themContinue reading “On The Slopes Of Holmsley Passage”

Oak Leaves Swept Along

This morning Becky drove Dillon and his family to Heathrow to see him safely off to America for the next month. All went smoothly and the ladies returned with Ellie early this evening. After lunch, Jackie took me on a forest drive. Ponies stood out in a distant hazy landscape on yet another shirt-sleeves mildContinue reading “Oak Leaves Swept Along”

Another Best Day Ever

I began the day by adding last night’s photographs of Great Aunt Louisa, First Cousins once removed, Jessica and Imogen, meeting Ellie to that day’s post: https://derrickjknight.com/2022/10/23/three-generations-of-motherhood/ At mid-morning Louisa, Jessica, and Imogen arrived back at our house. They were quickly at home with their mobile phones, each playing Wordle. Elizabeth, Danni, Ella, and JackContinue reading “Another Best Day Ever”

“You Will Appear In Lots Of Photographs”

Early this morning I watched recordings of the Women’s Rugby World Cup matches between New Zealand and Scotland, and between Australia and Wales. Before this balmy midday Jackie drove us to Tesco for shopping, and on to a forest drive. The pannage pigs we encountered just outside Burley were Oxford Sandy and Blacks, silently rootingContinue reading ““You Will Appear In Lots Of Photographs””