At The Corner Of The Street

An unusual phenomenon is evident in our front garden this year. We have crab apples, normally stripped by blackbirds long before now – still suspended from their branches – standing alongside a winter flowering cherry. When I endured my flexible cystoscopy on 13th December I was given a form to send back after a fortnightContinue reading “At The Corner Of The Street”

“Come And Meet My Grandmother”

Jack Riskit and his wife Holly were my great uncle and aunt John Richard Evans and Holly (née King). Their story is told in my earlier post ‘Holly’. This morning, my sister Jacqueline related a quite incredible supplement to the tale. Jacqueline keeps fearsome guard dogs at her home in Boston in Lincolnshire. At theContinue reading ““Come And Meet My Grandmother””

Polski Sklep

Unless I happen across any more in the depths of my photographic archives these are the last eight of my colour slides of the Streets of London, produced in September 2008. I scanned them today. At the corner of Chepstow Villas and Ledbury Road, new road surfacing was being carried out. Major renewal of WaterContinue reading “Polski Sklep”

Keeping A Ball In The Air

Mat, Tess, and Poppy returned to their home early this afternoon. The rest of us drove to Barton on Sea where Jackie, Becky, and Ian enjoyed coffee in the Beachcomber. I joined them for sparkling water after I had photographed the activities of visitors from the clifftop. A pink streak divided the indigo bands ofContinue reading “Keeping A Ball In The Air”

Christmas At Downton

Soon after the rest of us had dined on Christmas Eve, Mat, Tess, and Poppy arrived and consumed the rest of the Chinese meal. Jackie and I left the others and retired to bed somewhat later. Christmas Day began with Mother and Father Christmas stumbling down the chimney before dawn to complete stocking duties. ItContinue reading “Christmas At Downton”

Sweeping Up

Today was mostly spent preparing for family Christmas arrivals. This involved last minute present wrapping, bed-making, general tidying; and in Jackie’s case early morning shopping and multiple food preparation. I took a short break to continue my sweeping up of the remnants of my colour slide archives. I never knew his name, but here isContinue reading “Sweeping Up”

Cock Of The Roost

John Wain writes a good story. His ‘The Pardoner’s Tale’, which I finished reading last night, uses the device of a novel within a novel, fusing two stories together by an ingenious means which I will not reveal, but which soon becomes clear. The narrative moves along nicely. Published by MacMillan in 1978, the workContinue reading “Cock Of The Roost”

Market Day

Lymington High Street descends a steep incline towards Quay Street at the bottom. The good quality Saturday Market stalls are set up on both sides of the street. Who would be daft enough to struggle through these throngs up and down the hill combining Christmas shopping with a photographic record of the Saturday before Christmas?Continue reading “Market Day”