A Challenging Mood

More tidying up this morning included righting slipping Granny.  Flo’s portrait of Jackie, made some years ago, when our granddaughter was still quite small, needed a little Blu-tack.  This process reminded me that the picture had been created on the back of a noodle bar paper placemat whilst awaiting a meal.  I believe Pablo PicassoContinue reading “A Challenging Mood”


Yesterday afternoon Saufiene visited with his brother-in-law, an humidity expert.  He confirmed Saufien’s judgement that an humidifier is need in the cellar and that, fortunately, the water extraction pump just needs a new filter.  The humidifier will mediate the inside and outside temperatures. In the evening and through the night a spectacular thunderstorm cleared theContinue reading “Conkers”

A Beguiling Smile

I had my first extended conversation with the local roadsweeper this morning.  It was mostly about the weather, but that still counts.  We are to have rain, which had already begun, on and off over the weekend.  But it is needed for the fields.  This was more successful than my attempted contribution to the discussionContinue reading “A Beguiling Smile”


Seeking shade yesterday afternoon, a cleverly camouflaged cricket clung to the sitting room curtain draped over a table.  Becoming curious, it turned to face the camera. Based on Victor Hugo’s great novel, Bille August’s film of Les Miserables is a  splendid 1998 version of the tale probably best known for the long-running musical production.  ButContinue reading “Javel”

Fingers Of The Hero

Yesterday evening I watched a DVD of The Interpreter, Sydney Pollack’s gripping, tender, sensitive, and spell-binding thriller starring Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn.  The two principal characters are played magnificently by two of the best modern thespians.  I use ‘thespians’ because the word has no gender.  (I don’t know what Ms Kidman would prefer to be termed,Continue reading “Fingers Of The Hero”

Humidity Rules

My normal journey to a sweltering Sigoules this morning began rather earlier than it should, which meant poor Jackie was forced to rise from sleep before she would have liked.  This was because I was unable to check in on line.  Flybe’s representative had told me yesterday afternoon that Southampton airport had ‘taken over prematurely’. Continue reading “Humidity Rules”

The Destroyers

Today was possibly even warmer than yesterday, although the sun did not fully penetrate the heavy cloud cover which I described, according to Jackie with more than a touch of hyperbole.  I have no idea what she meant. Wearing a jacket to walk down to the village shop, and return via the footpath leading toContinue reading “The Destroyers”

New Forest Safari

Today was very warm.  The morning 13.5 tog cloud duvet of slate grey tinged with pigeon-pink slowly made way for a clear lapis lazuli sky that ultimately faded to a blue-rinse tint above a salmon-pink horizon. It was a perfect day for a drive through the glorious New Forest on a prospective abode safari.  AfterContinue reading “New Forest Safari”

Afternoon Tea

Leatherjackets are the grubs emerging from eggs laid in the grass by craneflies the year before.  They eat the roots of the sward.  This, and the fact that the adults are not very nimble fliers and therefore inclined to become entangled in her hair, is why, during our current plague of them, Jackie can beContinue reading “Afternoon Tea”

A Large Bottle Of Hoegaarden

Our overnight stay at The Raven Hotel, part of the Old English chain, was a very pleasant one.  The original building, erected the year Queen Victoria died, has been extended to take more guests.  Clean, very well appointed, and supplied with all the necessities, the room was perfect.  Particularly noteworthy were the acoustics, lending complete clarity toContinue reading “A Large Bottle Of Hoegaarden”