A Family Outing And A Disappearing Act

Continuing our post-Christmas sort out, I came across a Fortnum and Mason picnic hamper from a previous Wolf and Luci Christmas present. This now contains various items of photographic interest, including some early negatives and slides. I scanned four black and white negatives from a family trip to Richmond Park in 1962. Three of theseContinue reading “A Family Outing And A Disappearing Act”

Take Pride In A Roaring Success

Here is the Mission Statement of The Lions Club of Bournemouth: To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions clubs. Lions Clubs International is the world’s largest service club organisation with 1.4 million members in approximately 46,000 clubs in over 200 countries. Lions are menContinue reading “Take Pride In A Roaring Success”

Wimbledon College As I Knew It

After our day in the sun, we are now in the grip of storm Gertrude. And they have only been given names in alphabetical order since the beginning of the year. Winds approach 50 m.p.h. We have had no snow, so quite how a pair of snow-owls came to be on their perch in the garden,Continue reading “Wimbledon College As I Knew It”

After The Rain 2

On a crisp, bright morning with a cloudless blue sky, we took a drive around the New Forest. Lacking a leaf canopy, the treetop roof, like our kitchen skylight, leaked onto the forest floor. These scenes, photographed at Brownhills near Wootton Heath, were repeated throughout our journey. Branches are traced on the surface of pools reflectingContinue reading “After The Rain 2”

Not Much Happening In Lymington

We managed to mess up our clock today. It was losing a minute or two a day so we decided to adjust it. After we had done so we had great difficulty in getting the pendulum back in. When we did, the clock stopped. We calmed down. Eventually. And this afternoon took it back to MartinContinue reading “Not Much Happening In Lymington”

The Watchmaker Of Filigree Street

By late morning today, the recent storm that has left the population of America’s eastern states digging out heaped piles of snow, having warmed itself on the way across the Atlantic, petered out to heavy rain that lasted all day and is expected to continue for a few more. The Head Gardener is a regularContinue reading “The Watchmaker Of Filigree Street”

Sunset On Christchurch Bay

A lilac dawn made way to grey skies for most of the day which, because of the need to stay in for the Central Heating engineer, I spent reading an intriguing novel on which I shall report when I have finished it, probably tomorrow. Within two hours of his being called, Vince visited, pronounced the deathContinue reading “Sunset On Christchurch Bay”


In ‘The Scent Of A Squirrel’, I described the aroma of dead rodents. A similar, very mild smell has, over a day or two, emanated from our dressing room. Last night, Jackie discovered a leaking radiator therein. Let us hope that dirty dripping onto the ancient carpet beneath it is the cause of the strange pong. OurContinue reading “Pages”


I drafted this post against the unfamiliar rhythmic, sonorous, ticking of a proper, analogue, wall clock that was more or less silenced by the various moves after leaving Sutherland Place in 2009. Martin Fairhurst of Dials Antique Clocks has done a grand job of restoring the timepiece to the condition it enjoyed when Michael bought it forContinue reading “Dials”

Port St Charles

Following the recent death of Ken Crutchlow, charismatic founder of The Ocean Rowing Society, Sam asked me to send him this photograph that first featured on 29th August last year. Alongside Jessica and Louisa, Ken stands between Sam, who has just disembarked after 59 days at sea, and me. This took me back to theContinue reading “Port St Charles”