Wedding Album: Karen And Barry 15.7.22

This morning Karen and Barry visited to see the photograph albums we have been preparing for them. All I have left to do is to stick almost 200 photos in place. Although, in order to tell the story of the day, the final selection will be placed in clicked order, the couple are more thanContinue reading “Wedding Album: Karen And Barry 15.7.22”

A Splendid Market

Apart from a trip to Lymington Market, I spent most of the day completing the trimming of the photographs for insertion into the second wedding album for Karen and Barry. We visited the market to allow Flo and Dillon to wander in their own time, while I photographed some of the activity and Jackie waitedContinue reading “A Splendid Market”

No More Than A Truce

This afternoon we drove Flo and Dillon to Burley where we left them to wander while we continued the drive and returned for them after 90 minutes. We paused at Bashley where one foal lay flaked out while its mother cast her shadow while nibbling parched grass; while another group took shelter beneath the oaks;Continue reading “No More Than A Truce”

Garden And Album Arrangements

While Jackie continued working in the Rose Garden, I trimmed half of Karen and Barry’s wedding photographs and laid them loosely in the first of the albums. I keep imagining that the Head Gardener will have completed the clearing and tidying of the Rose Garden, but there is always something more to admire. Today sheContinue reading “Garden And Album Arrangements”

A Stream Of Cyclists

Yesterday Jackie put in more work perfecting the Rose Garden clearance. The path leading to the white seat had been weeded by Flo. When she noticed the bag of recycling material outside our front door ripped open this morning with its contents distributed round the garden, Jackie wondered what had done this. After she clearedContinue reading “A Stream Of Cyclists”

Male Multitasking

As usual my eagerly awaited printing inks were found on the doorstep this afternoon, despite no-one having knocked. I was therefore forced to continue my chicken stock creation from recently roasted bones, applying Becky’s flavoursome method; simultaneously printing 61 more of Karen and Barry’s wedding photographs; and progressing my reading of ‘The Moonstone’. Great careContinue reading “Male Multitasking”

Reaching Above The Potting Shed

Flo, yesterday evening, and Jackie this morning spent a good deal of time continuing the tidying of the Rose Garden. This morning I posted After lunch I bagged up the last of the debris from the Rose Garden and watered the raised bed at at the end of the Back Drive. Flo had wateredContinue reading “Reaching Above The Potting Shed”

A Knight’s Tale (146: Big Clean Days)

My penultimate day in Sigoules during February 2013 was what David had termed a ‘big clean’ day.  It is the mandatory preparation for the next visitors.  Washing and ironing was the least of it, because that had been done throughout my stay. I worked my way down from the top.  First the sweeping and hoovering,Continue reading “A Knight’s Tale (146: Big Clean Days)”

Selecting Sheltered Spots

Early this morning Jackie continued the clearance in the Rose Garden. I carted her clippings to the compost bins and carried out more dead-heading before we shopped and the Co-op in Stopples Lane then took a drive into the forest. Well before mid-day shadows flickering in the woodland alongside Bisterne Close manifested as clusters ofContinue reading “Selecting Sheltered Spots”