Before And After

This morning I e-mailed Ray Salinger a set of the photographs taken at the ‘Seventy Years On’ party. After this I joined Jackie in the garden, where we continued yesterday’s tasks. I edged the front garden gravel path with rocks dug out over the last couple of days, then spread the transported earth around theContinue reading “Before And After”


In her latest post, which I read this morning, my blogging friend, Pauline King, reminded me of my flat-share with my friend Giles in Claverton Street i 1973. This was a basement flat in a Pimlico terrace. The enclosed back yard was a small area of concrete. There was no real sunlight. Nothing grew there. The elderly womanContinue reading “Earthworks”

Confusion For Flora And Fauna

Jackie continued with general garden maintenance today. Here she applies anti-vine weevil solution to all her many heucheras. As became clear last year, there is no defined boundary between us and the empty North Breeze next door. In particular, that at the front is concocted from self seeded trees, rotting planks of wood, and whatContinue reading “Confusion For Flora And Fauna”


As the morning sunlight gradually scaled the beech tree to the left, it exposed the changing nature of the weeping birch, the leaves of which are beginning to blend with the gravel of the Heligan Path. Aaron and Robin completed work on the decking, which included Aaron’s own idea of the steps, made from offcuts of theContinue reading “Automata”

The Wealdstone Raider

This morning, whilst Jackie continued preparing the garden for the winter that only the calendar suggests is bound to come, I cut the grass, and lopped a dead branch. From above, the progress of the rose garden can now be clearly seen beyond the Pergola Path. Four days ago, Ian reached a milestone birthday. TodayContinue reading “The Wealdstone Raider”

The Eyes Have It

This morning, when she had finished her work, including planting of spring bulbs, in Elizabeth’s Bed, Jackie joined me in clearing up after yesterday’s installation of the Monet arch. This involved removing more clippings to the burning pile; a slight repositioning of the path edgings; and hoeing and raking the gravel. She had, yesterday evening, retrainedContinue reading “The Eyes Have It”

The Monet Arch

Oscar, that fine blogging poet of In So Many Words, recently expressed wonderment that I got any work done with all the photography I did in the garden. I wonder, did he know that the camera is a preferred delaying tactic; and that a new rose arch has stood in the hall porch for the lastContinue reading “The Monet Arch”

Officially Autumn

Although she does tidy up much of her refuse, when the Head Gardener has been about with the loppers and secateurs, it falls upon me, the Under Under Gardener, to clear the heaps of clippings; to transfer them to the compost and wood-burning piles; to sort them; and to cut them into manageable sections. ThisContinue reading “Officially Autumn”

A West End Ramble

Jackie spent the morning planting and clearing beds; I chipped in with dead-heading of roses. This afternoon we bought some trellis from Everton Nurseries to go round the decking. The return journey had me bent and contorted in the passenger seat with lengths of stapled wooden strips over my head. Fortunately it was only aboutContinue reading “A West End Ramble”