There Are No Pale Grey Foals

Preparation is an oft overlooked essential part of house decoration – especially if this has not been adequately carried out for decades. Such has been the case with our home which Nick Hayter has transformed over the years. He spent several hours on this today. This afternoon I made him some prints from today andContinue reading “There Are No Pale Grey Foals”

Decorations Begin

This morning Nick Hayter made a start on decorating the last of the rooms in the house after the Kitchen Makers refurbishment. He began with the entrance hall and the vestibule; his usual thorough preparation of the surfaces followed moving furniture about whilst retaining pieces for our access where possible. My computer desk in particularContinue reading “Decorations Begin”

Hanging Baskets And Other Containers

The sun shone for a few hours this morning. Thereafter we experienced sudden heavy showers falling from an overcast sky, until all cleared late in the afternoon. Pulling up a few weeds while carrying out a dead heading session providing me with olfactory delights as I reached into the sweet scented rose bushes was myContinue reading “Hanging Baskets And Other Containers”

Ferns Lodge

This morning I printed the forms for Joseph and me to sign to assign Mum and Dad’s burial plot to Elizabeth. This needed to be witnessed by a non-family member. My brother and his wife, Angela, arrived early this evening to carry out this final process, witnessed by David, our next door neighbour. Before this,Continue reading “Ferns Lodge”

A Hanging Out Nest

Jackie spent a hot, sunny, cloudless morning continuing her planting while I dead-headed poppies and roses and pulled up a few weeds. Flo joined us on a trip this afternoon beginning with a visit to Otter Nurseries for more plants, and continuing into the forest. Foxgloves lined the verges along Warborne Lane where a burrowContinue reading “A Hanging Out Nest”

As You Like It

For the last few days, beset by brisk breezes, Jackie has continued planting pots on and around the patio. This has involved removing spent plants and compost, replenishment with new soil, and selecting arrangements. After lunch I posted Later, I finished rereading The play needs no introduction from me – I was prompted toContinue reading “As You Like It”

A Knight’s Tale (135: Time For Celebration)

We stayed in Port St Charles for several days after Sam’s arrival at the island. This was  because we had had to guess at his arrival time. It was also helpful for us to see some of the other competitors into the harbour. Sam, in particular, wanted to be at the docking area to welcomeContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (135: Time For Celebration)”

Mademoiselle de Maupin

This morning I finished reading First published in 1835, although hailed as a masterpiece by Honoré de Balzac and Victor Hugo, the book did not gain critical acclaim, although there are now many available editions in print. Letting us know, in case we missed it, that the work is based on Shakespeare’s ‘As You LikeContinue reading “Mademoiselle de Maupin”

A Bunch Of Roses

This largely overcast morning Jackie spent weeding and planting; my contribution was dead-heading and a little clearing up. After lunch I picked a bunch of roses. Later this afternoon I posted This was an attempt to tidy up the series. For the first 3 episodes of the tale I had incorporated sections like thisContinue reading “A Bunch Of Roses”