A Knight’s Tale (134: Kilcullen Would Have Been Too Far Away)

One evening we tracked a pirate ship from Port St Charles into the Atlantic Ocean. Flanked by the lowering sun we then encountered Kilcullen towing New Horizons. Quite why John Peck and Fraser Dodds, who manned the rowing boat New Horizons, needed the attentions of the support boat at this point, I am not sure, for theyContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (134: Kilcullen Would Have Been Too Far Away)”

Where’s Martin?

Martin and Jackie spent several hours between them this morning weeding and clearing; I chipped in with some of each and mostly dead heading, largely concentrating on the Rose Garden, of which I wish I could convey the scents. After lunch I recorded the general scenes, as usual titled in the galleries. View east fromContinue reading “Where’s Martin?”

Summer Time

Just before lunch I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2022/05/18/a-knights-tale-133-the-official-welcome/ This afternoon, while Jackie and Flo toured the garden centres in successful search of trailing plants for hanging baskets, I pulled up a few weeds and photographed some of our flowers, all of which are titled in the gallery. The New Wheel Inn is the now privately owned andContinue reading “Summer Time”

A Knight’s Tale (133: The Official Welcome)

At last Sam arrived into Port St Charles and successfully brought his boat into dock. He sat aboard for a while, preparing himself for his first touch of land for two months. Then came the official welcome of Ken Crutchlow, Secretary of the Ocean Rowing Society, filmed by Dixie, Before doing anything else Sam was required toContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (133: The Official Welcome)”

Trawling Charity Shops

Flo is seeking items to use in making a baby’s mobile. In particular she is collecting beads. One very good source of such material is Charity Shops which now populate most of our High Streets. One such is New Milton’s Station Road. This afternoon Flo walked the length of the road investigating these outlets, whileContinue reading “Trawling Charity Shops”

BEWILDERMENT – Richard Powers

Originally posted on Something Over Tea:
Richard Powers does not need the accolades plastered on the beautifully designed cover of his novel, Bewilderment, published by Hutchinson Heinemann in 2021. It is an astonishingly wonderful read that takes us through what could be a bewildering array of journeys with the easy guidance of a master storyteller,…

21 Chestnut Road

This afternoon we visited another NGS garden – 21 Chestnut Road, Brockenhurst. This is my selection of photographs; here are Flo’s. As usual each of these images bears a title in the galleries. This evening we dined at Lal Quilla where the food and service was as good as ever. Jackie’s main course was LalContinue reading “21 Chestnut Road”

A Surfeit Of Foals

This afternoon Jackie drove me into the forest. She spotted a possibly sleeping foal on the verge of Wilverley Road and parked the car so I could walk back to find the prone animal. As I reached it it clambered to its feet and sought the comfort of its mother who twitched her tail, perhapsContinue reading “A Surfeit Of Foals”