Up And Down The Road

Last night I visited the bar for an on-line Scrabble session.  The only other customer there was Graham, another Englishman.  I soon abandoned my games and joined in an interesting, educational, and often hilarious, Franglais conversation with him, David, and Frederick.  David, in particular, shares my love of language.  All four of us helped eachContinue reading “Up And Down The Road”

Country Living

Stanley Kubrick’s beautifully filmed 1975 rendering of Thackeray’s novel ‘Barry Lyndon’ was last night’s viewing.  The rise and fall of the eponymous gentleman was set in the reign of George III.  Never having read the book, I am not sure whether the satire was the author’s or the director’s. This morning, while cocks were stillContinue reading “Country Living”

Wordsworth And Me

Last night I watched Michel Hazanavicius’ ‘The Artist’.  This tribute to the silent movie era was fully deserving of its dozen prizes.  Shot in black and white with music for sound, it was a courageous effort which paid off.  Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo were magnificent in the lead roles.  John Goodman as the determinedContinue reading “Wordsworth And Me”

A Flimsy Masterpiece

Lunch at Le Code Bar consisted of some kind of noodle and cheese soup; quiche; pork chop, vegetable risotto, and beans; and profiteroles.  Everything was up to the usual standard, but I thought the melt-in-the-mouth quiche quite exceptionally good.  It is time I added that all this fine food comes with excellent service for 13 euros.Continue reading “A Flimsy Masterpiece”

From Which Direction?

27.1.13 Yesterday evening I watched ‘Mission Evasion’, being the French title of ‘Hart’s War.’  It was an enthralling film about a prisoner of war court martial masking an escape from a German stalag, starring Bruce Willis and Colin Farrell.  I viewed the original English version first, followed by most of it in French.  This methodContinue reading “From Which Direction?”

Counting My Blessings

Yesterday’s landscapes were invisible this morning, shrouded in drizzle as I went on a shopping trip with Maggie and Mike. As always, we first visited Mike’s favourite D.I.Y. outlet on the industrial estate outside Bergerac.  Maggie and I stayed in the car and put the world to rights while Mike drew a padlock for the shopContinue reading “Counting My Blessings”

Oh What A Beautiful Morning

Throughout this week I have dipped into a collecton of the letters of A.S. Neill edited by his biographer Jonathon Croall.  Last night I finished them.  Not normally a reader of published private correspondence, which seems to me rather like prying, I read these for two reasons.  The first is the subject, the founder ofContinue reading “Oh What A Beautiful Morning”

A Bustling Bar

After lunch yesterday I watched ‘The Special Relationship’, scriptwriter Peter Morgan’s imagined version of the personal friendship between Tony Blair and Bill Clinton.  It was fascinating fiction blended with factual events during a dramatic period of our history.  The performances of Michael Sheen, now quite adept at playing the former British Prime Minister, and DennisContinue reading “A Bustling Bar”


Yesterday afternoon I finished reading ‘The England of Elizabeth’ by A.L. Rowse.  This Elizabeth was the first English queen so-named.  I am aware that most people alive today have known no other than Queen Elizabeth II.  First published in 1950, during the reign of our Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, the book was researched andContinue reading “Perseverance”