Lingering Scarecrows

This afternoon Flo, Dillon, and Ellie needed to return to the hospital for a final check. Becky and Ian drove them there. Before they departed I photographed our grandson-in-law with his 25 hour old daughter Ellie. Despite having slept very little over the last 36 hours Dillon was setting off back to the Princess Anne’sContinue reading “Lingering Scarecrows”

A Knight’s Tale (Positive Postscript)

Having completed my story of my place in an era with the Sigoules disaster followed by: ‘Given that, since 9th May 2012, my WordPress blog has been a daily diary and we are now settled in comfortable twilight years in Hampshire’s New Forest, this seems an appropriate time to close the pages of “A Knight’sContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (Positive Postscript)”

Early Signs Of Autumn

This morning Jackie and I visited Shelly and Ron with presents for my sister-in-law. Jane and Ivy were also present. The little girl was looking bonny and cheerful. Afterwards we took a short forest drive before returning home for lunch. The grey pony habitually risking its throat on barbed wire while checking whether the grassContinue reading “Early Signs Of Autumn”

Materials Available To Us

Because of the upcoming bank holiday weekend it will be a few days before I am able to upload more pictures. I am therefore unable to attach new ones to the text of our forest drive of 25th, so I am substituting similarish images from my archives. After a night of what I call properContinue reading “Materials Available To Us”

Two Out Of Three

This afternoon Jackie drove me into the forest. Ponies on the verge of Wootton Road were plagued by flies on this hot and humid day following 48 overcast hours of intermittent rain which encouraged some greening of the grass on the common, where blackberries were looking plumper, as ponies gathered round the trough, the historyContinue reading “Two Out Of Three”

She Hadn’t Forgotten The Toy Box

It is just over six months since everyone has been well enough for Danni, Ella, and Jack, and Elizabeth to visit us for lunch. We have seen them at Elizabeth’s over that period so we have stayed in our great-niece’s mind. Neither has she forgotten the Fortnum & Mason hamper (a present from our lateContinue reading “She Hadn’t Forgotten The Toy Box”