A strong smell of overheated paint came from our very effective new radiator this morning so Jackie opened the sitting room windows.  I wondered whether the new appliance might be a wee bit counterproductive. I spent the morning on my laptop, effectively putting off the search for the advent calendars in the garage.  We hadContinue reading “Stampede”

‘I Told You [It] Was Ill’

Back in the summer we told our landlord’s estate agent that one of the thirty year old storage heaters wasn’t working.  This was inspected in September and pronounced not to be functioning.  After a month I prodded the agent.  A week or so later we were told another company would be in touch to haveContinue reading “‘I Told You [It] Was Ill’”

A Double Six

Our High Streets are dying.  Those in the smaller towns seem to have more Charity Shops than any other single outlet.  Even Bournemouth’s Castlepoint yesterday failed to produce a particular present about which I must, at the moment, be discreet, for fear of the intended recipient sussing. Before Jackie drove me to Southampton Parkway forContinue reading “A Double Six”

Wild Woodbines

During one of the recent frosty nights a rather lovely earthenware plant pot that Jean had given us shattered into a heap of shards.  This was a great shame.  I now understand why it is essential to buy frostproof, not simply frost resistant ones.  Jean’s had been brought back from Australia, where such protection isContinue reading “Wild Woodbines”

‘They Are Her Friends Now’

After a frosty night we were treated to another crisp, clear, and cold morning, so Jackie and I made an early start for a trip to Milford on Sea. The morning sun on the trees bordering the A35 beckoned beguilingly, so Jackie parked on a suitable verge for me to go on a photo foray.Continue reading “‘They Are Her Friends Now’”

‘Are They Real?’

The sinus pain that has been unrelentingly situated around my right eye for a fortnight showed some sign of shifting and lessening this morning.  I have not taken Ibuprofen for 24 hours and the antibiotics have run their course. After lunch Jackie drove us out to Beaulieu, around which we wandered.  We were immediately captivatedContinue reading “‘Are They Real?’”

As If Preserved In Amber

In August 1963 I was working in marine insurance for the Committee of Lloyd’s .  As I always went for a wander during my lunch hour, I imagine that the second slide in my posterity collection was taken during one of those walks.  I am hard put to determine the vantage point from which I looked outContinue reading “As If Preserved In Amber”

Then The Tableau Spoke

Taking more advantage of these glorious autumn days, we drove this morning to Wimborne to visit The Priest’s House Museum and wander around the little town, including the Minster itself. Somewhat surrounded by its environment, it is difficult to find a complete, unobstructed, view of the Minster, the greater part of which was built inContinue reading “Then The Tableau Spoke”

A Collection For Posterity

A bright sun streaked through the trees and across the frosted lawn this morning.  It was still pretty cold, so, although I am beginning to feel like taking a reasonable walk again, it probably wouldn’t have been sensible and my rambling was done through my photographic archives. A task I have been putting off everContinue reading “A Collection For Posterity”

Long Socks And Short Trousers

A quick trip to Ringwood was required this morning to engage in a banking transfer because my French account has slipped into overdraft.  Plane tree leaves, a few of which still clung precariously to their perches, swirled around Meeting House shopping centre.  The Big Issue seller, and the seated homeless man seeking donations with hisContinue reading “Long Socks And Short Trousers”