A Gentle Snow Plough

This morning I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2021/08/31/a-knights-tale-25-a-papal-honour/ By mid-afternoon the earlier Stygian gloom had lifted enough for us to drive to Puttles Bridge and back after buying another, larger, bag of tree bark mulch. With barely a ripple the now very shallow Ober Water could hardly be said to flow under the bridge. The root trip hazards,Continue reading “A Gentle Snow Plough”

A Knight’s Tale (25: A Papal Honour)

Auntie Gwen had become my godmother in 1942. 24 years later she was to perform the same service for my eldest son, Michael. It is a common phenomenon that some distant members of families only meet at weddings and funerals. I had last met my cousin Maureen at the funeral of her father, my UncleContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (25: A Papal Honour)”

Completing West Bed Planting

On a very dull, overcast, afternoon we shopped at Otter Nurseries for tree bark with which to mulch Jackie’s further planting in the recently opened up West Bed, then continued for a brief drive into the forest where we found nothing to photograph in such poor light. While Jackie completed the dressing of the soil,Continue reading “Completing West Bed Planting”

A Knight’s Tale (24: Enter Gwen To The Rescue)

Please understand that not all my primary school teachers were sadistic beasts. Miss Downs was adamant that we should read three books a week.  Consequently, dutifully, if not religiously, Mum took us on a regular weekly trip to Wimbledon Public Library, where these treasure troves were to be found.  Thus my teacher and my motherContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (24: Enter Gwen To The Rescue)”

To The Lawn Bed

Yesterday Jackie cleared the bank outside the Back Drive gate, leaving brushwood on the gravel path for attention today; this morning she worked on removing the stump of a scentless and rarely flowering philadelphus, while I cleared the Back Drive debris; and further strengthened the arch spanning the Phantom Path by inserting supporting angle ironsContinue reading “To The Lawn Bed”

A Knight’s Tale (23: Corporal Punishment)

Corporal punishment was the norm in those days. At St Mary’s the administration was far more directly personal than I was to experience later at Wimbledon College. I was about six or seven when, after her lesson at the end of the day, I incurred the wrath of Mrs Chapman. There had been a spateContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (23: Corporal Punishment)”

Bisterne Scarecrow Festival Trail 2021

The Community of Bisterne and its surrounds are to be congratulated on recovering this event in the time of Covid 19. Although there were fewer displays than normal we enjoyed many of the old favourites on our drive round on this overcast morning. ‘Rapunzel’ came on first, letting down her golden locks at Kingston Farm,Continue reading “Bisterne Scarecrow Festival Trail 2021”

Head To Tail

A dull morning gave way to sunshine as we left to visit Shelly and Ron with a birthday present. After coffee and convivial conversation Jackie and I set off for a forest drive. Heather, bracken, brambles, and gorse tangled together festooned the verges and the moorland alongside Burley Road. Jackie parked on the gravel lay-byContinue reading “Head To Tail”

A Knight’s Tale (22: But A Little Boy)

Some time after arriving back home, I was to experience my first day at school. There was, of course, no such thing as pre-school in those days. This was probably my greatest horror.  My grandfather had taken me to school, and, cock-a-hoop, I strode in, waving him goodbye.  I had a new set of clothesContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (22: But A Little Boy)”