Empty Summerhouse

Despite a heavy overnight frost and another frozen birdbath, this beautiful Easter morning lived up to it’s coincidentally being the first day of British Summer Time, when clocks are put forward for six months so we all get up early to enjoy more daylight.  Some of us did emerge from our beds in good time. Continue reading “Empty Summerhouse”

Spring Is In The Air

Mat, Oddie and I walked the ford loop via the churchyard path.  Primroses are now abounding in the hedgerows and daffodils mirror the lichen on the gravestones. The Herdwick lambs were arousing the interest of a couple of neighbours.  One is quite black, the other pure white.  The farmer explained that Herdwicks normally ‘throw’ blackContinue reading “Spring Is In The Air”

The 3D Crossword

I wrote yesterday about Oddie’s propensity for sitting on my chair.  This means I get a liberal sprinkling of short white hairs forming an extra cushion.  And they are definitely not mine.  Matthew, on contemplating this phenomenon, enlightened me as to the origin of the phrase ‘the hair of the dog’, indicating the cure forContinue reading “The 3D Crossword”

Whose Chair Is It Anyway?

Sam and I walked to Lyndhurst and back this morning.  The return journey was via Mill Lane where we had a brief chat with Robert whose yellow tractor was perched alongside the Mill Pond, some of which was draining into one of the streams under the rough track. I needed to visit the bank inContinue reading “Whose Chair Is It Anyway?”

The Photographic Model

With the aid of Dave Farrow’s ‘A Guide to the Garden Birds of Britain & Northern Europe’ we are trying to learn our birds.  This morning we think we identified a nuthatch; and great, coal, and long tailed tits; on the bird feeder.  There was also a robin, but we are fairly sure we canContinue reading “The Photographic Model”

Robin Ghyll

Even at midday today a block of ice filled the birdbath.  After lunch I walked the Shave Wood loop.  Apart from Ari and Jackie who stopped their car for a long chat, I saw no other humans. Only three ponies were in evidence.  One tore dead branches from a fallen tree, perhaps for the lichen.Continue reading “Robin Ghyll”

He Wanted To Read The Gas Meter

This morning I walked the church path via Furzey Gardens road loop.  I had a long chat with Audrey and passed the time of day with two horse riders.  That was it. This afternoon we decided to ignore the weather and amble round Blandford Forum in Dorset.  It was far too cold to amble.  AsContinue reading “He Wanted To Read The Gas Meter”

‘I Believe You’ve Got Something Belonging To Me’

The bitterly cold wind has returned, but we do seem to be in one of the few areas of the country without snow.  Louisa in Nottingham has five inches of it.  Jackie drove us out to Bransgore where she visited the MacPenny Garden Nursery and whence I walked to Sainsbury’s car park in Ringwood. ThereContinue reading “‘I Believe You’ve Got Something Belonging To Me’”

Printing Mottisfont Trout

Spring continues to be thrust aside by its hoary old relative.  Why winter has been unable to enjoy an easy third age on the lecture circuit is a mystery to us all, except perhaps Michael Fish, the weatherman who infamously dismissed reports of the Great Storm of 1987.  A solitary daffodil manages to defy theContinue reading “Printing Mottisfont Trout”

Post On A Till Roll

When she learned through on-line Scrabble chat that I walk every day regardless of the weather, my friend June suggested that I must be mad.  This would be a view shared by the head of Bromley’s Probation service during the 1980s.  One of my freelance contracts was to facilitate a support group for senior probationContinue reading “Post On A Till Roll”