Thelwell Ponies

On another gloomy morning I photographed the front garden trellis from our bedroom window, showing the pink climbing rose and touches of white solanum against a backcloth of red crab apples. I had imagined this would be today’s post’s only illustration. Jackie, however, had other ideas. She developed the cold a day before I didContinue reading “Thelwell Ponies”

The Proposal

My cold being at its peak today, I was no more active than is required to finish reading ‘Dark Skies’ by Tiffany Francis. Jackie is a day ahead of me with the cold and therefore feeling more alive. Continuing with the book from where I left off yesterday, I will just highlight the author’s enlighteningContinue reading “The Proposal”

As I Lay Dying

Mat, Tess, and Poppy returned to their home at Upper Dicker late this afternoon. Afterwards, I finished reading William Faulkner’s ‘As I Lay Dying’. The book was first published in New York in 1930 by Jonathon Cape and Harrison Smith, Inc. My Folio Society Edition of 2011 is enhanced by William Gay’s knowledgeable and insightfulContinue reading “As I Lay Dying”

Quiz Of The Year 2019

Today we hosted a larger family party which has become traditional. Our current household was expanded by Shelly, Ron, Neil, Donna, Jane, Chris, Anthony, Helen, David, and Jenny. Elizabeth, Danni, and Ella looked in for a short while later on. People gathered and imbibed soon after two; progressed to one Jackie’s splendid salad lunches hereContinue reading “Quiz Of The Year 2019”

The Big Reveal

After opening stocking presents with much hilarity Becky, Ian, Mat, Tess, Poppy, Jackie and I enjoyed a relaxing morning. Some of us watched part of Rocket Man and, after lunch, The Queen’s speech. We had an enjoyable FaceTime session with Louisa, Errol, Jessica, and Imogen. I seem to have at last got the hang ofContinue reading “The Big Reveal”

This Is A White Rose Christmas

Winchester Cathedral blooms today. The crowded seed feeder sways from side to side in the gloom as aggressive sparrows squabble over occupied perches. Regular readers will be aware that I have been on two secret trips with Elizabeth. This afternoon she collected me and took me back to her house to help me transport Jackie’sContinue reading “This Is A White Rose Christmas”

Continued Preparation

A fortnight ago, noticing that our fuel oil was rather low, I ordered a refill and was promised one before today. Overnight the tank was emptied and we had no heating this morning. Opening with a plea of age and infirmity I rang the supplier early this morning. I then slipped into my trademark firm,Continue reading “Continued Preparation”

Hatchet Pond At Dusk

Today’s Christmas rose is this peach one from the patio bed. The neighbouring clematis Cirrhosa Freckles festoons the grateful gazebo. The now solitary pigeon still perches praying for the return of its deceased mate. Nugget now spends much of his time outside the stable door where he enjoys sole use of the feeder by theContinue reading “Hatchet Pond At Dusk”