Pink Champagne

Jackie’s Chequerboard fuchsia is not hardy, so she has brought it into the bedroom for the winter, and it has flowered again.  It struck me this morning as being in perfect harmony with its surroundings. It was to seem even more an appropriate colour match for today’s later encounter. By 9.00 a.m. we were inContinue reading “Pink Champagne”

Not A Bad Start

An offer has been made on the London house.  Consequently we are able to view properties rather than sneak around outside, my camera poised like a paparazzo. We began the phone calls to agents this morning.  After I printed, and Jackie framed, The Bridesmaid, the Bisterne house had the honour of being the subject of ourContinue reading “Not A Bad Start”

Access Denied

Jackie needed to have yet another headlight replaced this morning.  She drove us to Wells Garage in Ringwood where she left the car, she went into the town, and I walked to Rockford End and back. Hurst Road lies very near the garage.  It is a cul-de-sac with a footpath leading off it.  I followedContinue reading “Access Denied”