Jackie Frost

Although it wasn’t to last long, we awoke to our first proper frost of the season Jackie photographed the panoramic views from the dressing room and from the garden bedroom upstairs. She then toured the garden and brought back this gallery of images. As usual titles are given on accessing the gallery with a clickContinue reading “Jackie Frost”

Two For Joy

This afternoon we collected repeat prescriptions from the Pharmacy at Milford on Sea. The Needles and their lighthouse had transmogrified into a red-eyed sea monster. As equally calm as the Solent was the surface of Hatchet Pond with its skimming waterfowl and shimmering landscape. While a photographer peered into the sun a friendly gull stoodContinue reading “Two For Joy”

Elizabeth’s Standing Ovation

I have recently rediscovered a batch of colour slides made in September 2008, some of which images I featured from prints I had produced in 2014 for my post “Your Own Back Yard”. This was one of my ultimate sets of photographs taken with film. Before focussing on the dawn images of Portland Bill lighthouseContinue reading “Elizabeth’s Standing Ovation”

In The Bright Morning Light

This morning was another bright and sunny one, without the wind chill factor. Consequently we took an early drive around the forest. From South Sway Lane we enjoyed landscape views of Sway Tower. Note the field horses in these images are wearing rugs to protect them from the colder temperatures. Flexford Lane offers sightings ofContinue reading “In The Bright Morning Light”

Before And After Sunset

Today was bright and sunny, although strong winds brought something of a chill factor. We took a trip out to view the seafront at Milford on Sea, and the delights of the New Forest – in my case through a lens poked out of the open passenger window. Against the backdrop of the iconic IsleContinue reading “Before And After Sunset”

The Garden Stirs

Did you know that when someone else washes your feet they tickle mercilessly? Well, they do, and this is not funny when you are trying not to jerk your knees. This afternoon whilst I watched the recorded highlights of the spellbinding Women’s Australian Open Final between Naomi Osaka and Petra Kvitova, Jackie toured the gardenContinue reading “The Garden Stirs”

Needles In The Morning

Early this morning we visited our GP practice for our flu vaccines. This, known as the flu jab, is a process of injecting protection from strains of influenza. Those over a certain age are urged to avail themselves of this each year. I was a bit reluctant to get going this morning, especially as IContinue reading “Needles In The Morning”

In Memoriam

‘The Conjugial Angel’ is the title of the second novella in A. S. Byatt’s diptych published as ‘Angels & Insects’ that I featured recently. I finished reading this one today. The link between the two shorter works is the treatment of Victorian obsessions. Using the medium of a dramatic séance ‘The Conjugial Angel’ takes usContinue reading “In Memoriam”

The Sap Is Rising

A light frost fell on the fields last night and Jackie had to scrape ice off the windscreen before driving me to the G.P. surgery at Milford on Sea for the successful removal of the staples from my knee. Rather unfairly, it seems to me, some members of the medical fraternities and sororities refer toContinue reading “The Sap Is Rising”

Transferred To Crutches

This is a view Jackie captured of the garden yesterday afternoon. It looked pretty much the same today. She drove me to New Hall Hospital this morning for an appointment with Claire, my physiotherapist. Claire does not go in for false reassurance, but she expressed genuine amazement at my post operative progress. Just a fortnightContinue reading “Transferred To Crutches”