The Beach Fortress: The Definitive Illustrated Edition

Anyone caring to scroll down the comments on ‘And What Came Next?’ will be able to see several suggestions for the ending of the story. On Facebook, Becky has offered ‘The fly said ” Your wings are MASSIVE!” and the butterfly replied “How rude! You smell of poo. Shoo Fly!” And the fly buzzed off toContinue reading “The Beach Fortress: The Definitive Illustrated Edition”

Flo Meets Auntie Walisa

In the garden this morning, bees, like this one on a viburnum, were up early; a climbing rose Altissimo, already in situ, on the border of the projected rose garden, when we arrived, thrives; as does the overwintered diascia (no, Mr. WordPress, not disco), aptly named Apple blossom; and a multitude of the more normallyContinue reading “Flo Meets Auntie Walisa”

The Beach Fortress

This morning Jackie drove me to Molly’s Den and left me there to hunt for a birthday present for her, whilst she carried out various other errands. I didn’t find anything satisfactory, but the journey was worth the excellent brunch that the antiques and bric-brac centre provided.  Mine was, as you would expect, a fry-upContinue reading “The Beach Fortress”

And What Came Next?

This morning’s bouquet includes: petunias; clematis Polish Spirit; foxgloves;  hydrangeas; and delicate gladioli. A veritable cacophony reverberated along the kitchen facia as the parent starlings jointly strove to satisfy their screeching offspring. Whilst Jackie continued the creative gardening, I did the ironing and applied the first layer of wax to the new stair-rails. This afternoonContinue reading “And What Came Next?”

‘Sign That, Dad’

You may be forgiven for imagining that there can be no more new plants emerging in our garden. On the other hand, you may anticipate many more. Today I offer: colourful purple chives which sit well among the flaming heucheras; this unidentified peach rose; the rambling geranium Azure Rush, which makes good ground cover; and the crinodendron Hookerianum,Continue reading “‘Sign That, Dad’”


This morning we went driveabout. At New Milton we paid the car tax for a year, bought me some new sandals, and some curry spices; then at Ringwood I examined a magnetic picture frame at Wessex photographic, and placed an order for a larger one, and Jackie bought a keep for the recently fitted doorContinue reading “Reincarnation”

Stalking The Starling

Queuing to get on the blog this morning were: This pink rambler that has come through the recent rains somewhat scathed; the clematis Marie Boisselot; more alliums, one with a sentinel spider, less than usually reluctant to be noticed. Click to spot it. By popular request I have returned to the Streets of London Series. I scanned anotherContinue reading “Stalking The Starling”

I’ve Received An Award

There was not much sunshine today, so it paid off to have been up and dawn to watch its pink tints filtering across the road, turning the cool blue exterior of the house into a warm watercolour, and piercing a new pair of windows into my study wall. An amble round the garden revealed two different deutzias; a variety of verbena; andContinue reading “I’ve Received An Award”

Memory Is Not Neat And Tidy

On a warm, sunny, morning, my feeble contribution to the gardening was to bag up a pile of rubble; and to transport earth from elsewhere with which to fill in the hole left by the removal of the pool in a wheelbarrow. Jackie continued with the weeding and planting, and this afternoon I did aContinue reading “Memory Is Not Neat And Tidy”

Far More Insulting Than Two

This morning more drops of precipitation bestowed magnifying lenses upon the burgeoning bottle brush plants and poppies; and upon the fully grown pink geraniums. After lunch we drove to Milford Sand & Ballast to buy three more bags of cement for Aaron’s work on Sunday. When, yesterday, I embarked on yet another series of photographs with whichContinue reading “Far More Insulting Than Two”