Slightly Better Than Expected

The Canonical Hours are the seven prayer times in the day developed by the Roman Catholic Church. Ritualised offices are said, at three hourly intervals, in private or in groups. In her novel ‘China Court’, which I finished reading today, Rumer Godden has chosen to give each of her seven chapters a name of one ofContinue reading “Slightly Better Than Expected”


Last night Becky forwarded us three photographs entitled Pops, taken by Tess. They are of Poppy sleeping on her Pop’s chest. On waking she seems quite contented. Remaining asleep, so does Mat. These low resolution images had been e-mailed twice; from Tess to Becky, and from Becky to me. They were consequently heavily pixellated. I chose to de-noiseContinue reading “Pops”

The Official Welcome

It is clear that William Shakespeare was an Englishman if only because of his song, ‘When That I Was And a Little Tiny Boy’ from ‘Twelfth Night’, the refrain of which is: ‘For the rain it raineth every day’. He knew our weather. Becky and Ian returned home this afternoon, managing safely to negotiate the still disruptedContinue reading “The Official Welcome”

Crossing The Line

Our new granddaughter’s name is Poppy, which we rather like. Although the weather was warmer and sunnier today, Becky’s photograph of Scooby sunning himself in my chair, illustrated the general lack-lustre mood of the still recovering party. It was therefore another good day for scanning colour slides from May 2004, and incidentally reducing the tensionContinue reading “Crossing The Line”

Landfall In Sight

Today’s weather was slightly less wet than yesterday. Scanning was still in order, so I returned to my colour slides from May 2004 in Barbados. Two days ago, we left Sam coming into sight of the watchers on the yacht. He was soon to experience his first land for 59 days on the wide, dark, deep,Continue reading “Landfall In Sight”

A New Granddaughter

Yesterday evening Tess gave birth to an, as yet, unnamed baby girl. All is well, and she is a second shared grandchild for Jackie and me. Ever the cryptic wit, Mat, when giving Becky the news, said ‘Mum’s got 2, Dad’s got 7’. He left her to provide the solution: ‘a girl’. My other twoContinue reading “A New Granddaughter”

Eyes Peeled

As I attempted, last night, to photograph an interesting moth in the Print Room, the creature flew off. This afternoon, Becky produced this image. When I confessed my failure, a certain amount of hilarity ensued. There is, you see, a family myth that whenever I attempt to photograph anything possessing wings, it disappears. Once more the rainContinue reading “Eyes Peeled”

Around The Island

On yet another rain-slashed August day, I spared a thought for those holidaymakers who had come to the forest and the seaside for their long-awaited summer break. The last ten days hasn’t bothered me, because my chest infection has kept me indoors anyway, but they can’t have had much fun. Needless to say this wasContinue reading “Around The Island”

An International Tennis Match

Our 1983 holiday with The Vachettes, in Fontaine, France, has been featured before. The batch of black and white negatives I identified and scanned today was of a tennis match between Arnoux, the husband of Marie-Helene Vachette, and my son Michael. I don’t remember the outcome, although I believe they were evenly matched. Michael had youth on hisContinue reading “An International Tennis Match”

Up West

In two short spells today, I hoed the gravel on the back drive, after which I scanned another dozen of the Streets of London series of colour slides from April 2004. This corner of Chandos St probably linked with Cavendish Place. I wonder how long it took the woman in the red coat to crossContinue reading “Up West”