Curry, A Biography

This morning, contemplating my lifelong relationship with curry, I took my usual route to Colliers Wood, turned right into Merton High Street, and continued to Tooting Bec Station where I boarded a tube train back to Morden. Passing a hoarding on the road which forms a bridge dividing two sections of the Wandle Trail, IContinue reading “Curry, A Biography”


On this clear, yet curiously balmy morning, I walked along the footpath linking the Morden railway path to Lower Morden Lane, turning right into Cannon Hill Lane which meandered a bit before passing the common.  Right again into Martin Way and I was soon home in Links Avenue. In the wasteland at the back ofContinue reading “Faith”

No Dinner

Today having dawned crisp and clear, I circumperambulated Cannon Hill Common, my companions, as in Telegraph Woods yesterday, being magpies and squirrels scuttling about. In Maycross Avenue a new set of paving was about to replace a front garden.  The pavement was disturbed and carried a series of markings the like of which I haveContinue reading “No Dinner”


It was just as cold this morning, signalling the end of British Summertime, but without the sunshine.  I walked to the municipal dump, the first stretch, as far as the initial roundabout, being a repeat of yesterday’s journey.  At the roundabout I went straight on up Botley Road, eventually arriving at Shamblehurst Road.  Jackie, whoContinue reading “Disorientation”

Out In The Cold

This morning we awoke to bright blue clear skies and a much lower temperature.  I walked through Telegraph Woods, round the Ageas Bowl, into Botley Road, and, believe it or not, found my way to Jessops to collect some ink cartridges I had ordered last week. It was cold enough to tighten the skin onContinue reading “Out In The Cold”

A Grief Unobserved

Strolling in Morden Hall Park this morning, I encountered a group of volunteers strenuously striving to eradicate ivy from the bases of trees.  They were armed solely with spades and cutters.  They did not have the forks which I had found indispensible in digging out the pernicious tendrils (see 27th August post) that had requiredContinue reading “A Grief Unobserved”

The Rosewood Wine Table

Taking a slightly longer route to Colliers Wood to visit Carol, I walked down Morden Road and turned right into Merton High Street. British Summer Time not yet being over, and it being what Larry Grayson would have called ‘a grey day’ anyway, it was, at 8.30 a.m., still quite dark.  Somnambulant pedestrians ambled along,Continue reading “The Rosewood Wine Table”

Captive Audiences

On the soggiest section of the Wandle Trail during my usual walk to Colliers Wood for a visit to Norman, Oscar came lolloping towards me, lascivious tongue flopping, and muddy paws flailing.  At the very last minute this playful young alsation veered off right, having responded to his owner’s sharp command.  The man informed meContinue reading “Captive Audiences”

Loos Of London

On this dull but warm day I walked down to the John Innes park and recreation ground in Mostyn Road, better to acquaint myself with this amenity which I have passed many times without realising it was any more than the garden and croquet lawn which can be seen from the road. Passing the dahliaContinue reading “Loos Of London”


The curry stains I had managed to splash over the front of my white shirt in the Woolston Tandouri last night, even after an application of ‘Vanish’, required a second spell in the washing machine.  Treating curry stains with this solution is truly scary.  What begins as a bright orange colour is transformed into aContinue reading “Grids”