Sunset Slicing Slate Skies

Slate-dull as it has been, today we experienced the warmest New Year’s Eve since records began. Plasterer Martin Paulley, who on 5th will begin the work which will complete the Kitchen Makers project visited to check what he has to do. After lunch I posted Later this afternoon Jackie and I collected medication fromContinue reading “Sunset Slicing Slate Skies”

A Knight’s Tale (86: More Running)

During the decade of my forties I was to run eighteen marathons and several shorter races, such as the Windsor Great Park half marathon of 1983. In all, including the training runs, I covered 25,000 miles on the roads. I must have been the only person in Southern England who slept through the great stormContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (86: More Running)”

A Knight’s Tale (85: I Was Stitched Up)

Runners in the London Marathon must run down The Mall, around the corner facing Buckingham Palace, and along Birdcage Walk to the finish, just out of sight, on Westminster Bridge.  Crossing St James’s Park’s Blue Bridge into Birdcage Walk in September 2012, I remembered my nephew, Peter Darby-Knight, bravely struggling to walk to the finish,Continue reading “A Knight’s Tale (85: I Was Stitched Up)”

‘What Has Gone Wrong?’

This afternoon I posted Afterwards, having read enough more of ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, I scanned another five of Charles Keeping’s extremely expressive illustrations to this Dickens novel. ‘Father and son, looking silently on at the morning traffic’ ‘ ‘How say you? Are they very like each other?’ ‘ ‘Both resorted to theContinue reading “‘What Has Gone Wrong?’”

A Knight’s Tale (84: Charles And Betty)

When I walked past it on 15th August 2012, as often, before 10 a.m. opening time, when it would open, there was a queue outside Merton Citizen’s Advice Bureau.  These offices, now found all over London, are charities where people in need may obtain information, and at certain dedicated times, free legal advice.  Relying onContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (84: Charles And Betty)”

A New Wisteria Arbour

This afternoon I published and printed pictures of Poppy taken on Boxing Day, but not posted on my blog, for Jackie and Tess. Martin Bowers completed his work on the replacement Wisteria Arbour today. He meticulously measured and positioned posts; fixed them temporarily first, and permanently once he was happy with the alignment. FinallyContinue reading “A New Wisteria Arbour”

A Knight’s Tale (83: Jessica Caps Me)

From 1974 to 2007, I was a frequent visitor to Beauchamp Lodge, the tall, nineteenth century building on the corner of Harrow Road and Warwick Crescent (No. 2). Settlements are charitable community organisations which either run or house activities, such as Adult Literacy schemes and various projects for young, disabled, or elderly people.  There are alsoContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (83: Jessica Caps Me)”

Boxing Day 2021

This morning I posted This afternoon we hosted Jackie’s annual family Boxing Day event. Because of Covid It had been two years since the last one. Snacks were laid out on the kitchen table from 3.30 p.m. onwards. People helped themselves, as we all conversed, making up for lost time, until we were splitContinue reading “Boxing Day 2021”