The Enigma Of Arrival

This morning I posted The rest of the day was spent on finishing reading “The Enigma Of Arrival”, by V.S.Naipaul. The sub-title ‘A Novel’ is necessary, otherwise, particularly as the first person narrator drives in England as a 17 year old Trinidadian, as did the writer. This outstanding work chronicles the life history ofContinue reading “The Enigma Of Arrival”

Death Is Now My Neighbour

I spent much of the day preparing and posting The rest of my time was spent on reading the final 240 pages of. ‘Death is now my Neighbour’ by Colin Dexter. An Inspector Morse novel – one of those that spawned the long running BBC television Morse series starring John Thaw – this isContinue reading “Death Is Now My Neighbour”

A True Tale Of Love In Tonga

Last night I read ‘A True Tale of Love in Tonga’ by Robert Gibbings, and spent some time today scanning the dust jacket, the front and back boards; the Foreword; and the pages, which speak for themselves. Between bouts of scanning Jackie drove me into the forest, where I wandered among the gleaming golden gorseContinue reading “A True Tale Of Love In Tonga”


I have previously stressed the importance of the translator in a book rendered into English, or any other language for that matter. None more so than The Forest Giant by Adrien le Corbeau. Adrien le Corbeau is one of the pen-names of the Romanian born writer, Rudolf Bernhardt (1886-1932), who, writing in French entitled hisContinue reading “Translation”


After lunch I posted Later I finished reading The beautifully flowing descriptive writing in this short novel reveals the true calling of this precocious poet. The elegantly simple prose is packed with details of place, people, and events. There is no excessive padding. The introspective nature of the author is reflected in the emotionalContinue reading “Predestination”

‘Bleak House’ Comes To The End

Last night I finished reading my Folio Society edition of ‘Bleak House’ By Charles Dickens. First published in instalments from March 1852 to August 1853, this is a superb novel from a writer at the peak of his powers. As is my wont I will not provide details of the story which other readers mayContinue reading “‘Bleak House’ Comes To The End”

Four More Chapters

This afternoon I posted Later, after reading four more chapters of ‘Bleak House’, I scanned another set of Charles Keeping’s inimitable illustrations. ‘Mrs Bagnet proposes a departure’ contains three of the artist’s portraits. ‘Clattering over the stones at a dangerous pace’ presents Mr Keeping’s sense of movement; his mastery of perspective is demonstrated byContinue reading “Four More Chapters”

A Double Spread

Taking it easy today, I posted after lunch, and then scanned four more of Charles Keeping’s superb illustrations to ‘Bleak House’. The artist’s emotional breadth is displayed in ‘She drew his head down on her breast, and held it there’ ‘ ‘I would rather be hanged in my own way,’ ‘ ‘Mr Tulkinghorn shutContinue reading “A Double Spread”

A Keeping Range

I felt so much better today that I was beginning to get itchy feet, especially when Jackie and Flo went for a shopping trip this afternoon. Common sense prevailed and I stayed at home and read four more chapters of ‘Bleak House’. Earlier, I had posted Later, I scanned the next set of CharlesContinue reading “A Keeping Range”