A Pale View Of Hills

My copy of is a 1982 first edition with jacket, of which this is an illustration, of the future Nobel Prize-winning author’s first novel, published by Faber & Faber. I will do my best to adhere to my normal practice of revealing as little as possible of this somewhat enigmatic tale spanning time and continentsContinue reading “A Pale View Of Hills”

A Way In The World

In https://derrickjknight.com/2022/05/09/the-enigma-of-arrival/ I observe that ‘this outstanding work chronicles the life history of the man interlaced with that of the writer, Once again in ‘A Way in the World’, the writer seems to be in search of himself and his global arrival through the voices of fictional narrators. On this occasion the geographical and historicalContinue reading “A Way In The World”

The Great Gatsby

This morning I finished reading of which the above is the title page and the frontispiece; and next the front boards and spine. Tim Andrews has provided a knowledgeable and insightful introduction in which he states that ‘Fitzgerald’s fascination with the very rich and his concern with their corruptive and destructive power had been treatedContinue reading “The Great Gatsby”

The Moonstone

This morning I finished reading This 1949 reprinted edition was given to me for my 80th birthday by my daughter Becky who had trawled the internet trying to find a suitable 1942 impression of this 1868 novel acclaimed as the first detective novel. Above is a scan of the still intact book jacket. Slipped insideContinue reading “The Moonstone”

The Sea, The Sea

Late this afternoon I finished reading of which this is the book jacket of my 1978 first edition. The front illustration is a well-known detail from Hokusai’s ‘The hollow of the deep-sea wave off Kanazawa; the back cover is from a wall painting in the Golden Hall of the Höryū-ji, Nara, Japan. Sir Alfred Ayer,Continue reading “The Sea, The Sea”

Isabella Or The Pot Of Basil

Today I reread and scanned Beside the title page I have shown the front board. Each of the first 62 stanzas is part of a pair in a decorated border. The 63rd stands alone on the final page. I have chosen not to reproduce the intermediate verses, but to include each of the double spreadsContinue reading “Isabella Or The Pot Of Basil”

Tower Blocks

I am now posting the second half of the pages of this book the first of which was published yesterday as https://derrickjknight.com/2022/07/09/seventies-city-celebrations/ Here are the pages written by Marian Lines and illustrated by Charles Keeping. As before these images may be enlarged in the gallery. These will speak for themselves, and need no further commentContinue reading “Tower Blocks”

Seventies City Celebrations

This morning I scanned the double spread pages of of which this is the book jacket, and this, the Title Page and Frontispiece. As will be apparent, my scanner cannot take the entire width of the book so I have, perforce, trimmed each side taking care to nip off the less important elements. The smallContinue reading “Seventies City Celebrations”

If The Old Could…..

This is the title of the second of Doris Lessing’s Diaries of Jane Somers, written under the hoax pseudonym as an experiment to test the reception of an apparently unknown novice writer. The book has the same qualities of description, insight, and depth of characterisation as its predecessor, Diary of a Good Neighbour. The natureContinue reading “If The Old Could…..”