A Knight’s Tale (108: Instow Part 2)

It was probably in August 1998 that Jessica bought a secondhand outboard motor in Newark and used for one day in Instow in Devon. She left her recently acquired dinghy in the bay facing our holiday house. In the morning the motor was gone. As was every other similar item from other boats. This was apparentlyContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (108: Instow Part 2)”

Garden Rescue

Today was fine and clear – perfect conditions for Elizabeth’s garden makeover. On the way there we drove into Pilley along a lane dividing sheep from goats. Jackie produced a few before pictures of the project before her battery died. I photographed the work in progress, identification of the participants given in the galleries. AContinue reading “Garden Rescue”

A Second Chance

Is it perhaps an example of Karl Jung’s synchronicity that I should have come to the end of an acclaimed modern masterpiece with which I find myself at odds on a day when the Kremlin is shelling Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. I began reading “A Gentleman in Moscow” by Amor Towles soon after ChristmasContinue reading “A Second Chance”

The Assistant Photographer Saves The Day

This morning I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2022/02/24/a-knights-tale-107-instow-part-1/ After a heavy fall of sleet at lunchtime the darkly brooding clouds slunk away and the sun shone for the rest of the chilly afternoon. We did not receive the expect snowfall. Jackie drove me to Lymington where I collected a large print for Jan and Bob Beekman; a flashContinue reading “The Assistant Photographer Saves The Day”

A Knight’s Tale (107: Instow Part 1)

According to Wikipedia ‘Instow is a village in north Devon, England. It is on the estuary where the rivers Taw and Torridge meet, between the villages of Westleigh and Yelland and on the opposite bank of Appledore. There is an electoral ward with the same name. Its total population at the 2011 census was 1,501.[1] There is a small river beach and sand dunes, that home someContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (107: Instow Part 1)”

Two Storm-Swept Overgrown Shrubs

Although the skies became overcast by mid morning, the day remained largely dry. Martin began on today’s visit by tackling the overgrown and leaning pittosporum. The first two of these pictures show the tree tilted by the recent storms; the last, Martin’s trimmed result. Leaving him in peace for a while, I wandered around andContinue reading “Two Storm-Swept Overgrown Shrubs”

A Knight’s Tale (106: That’ll Be The Day)

Opposite Victoria Station stands the Victoria Palace Theatre.  I have attended two and a half performances there.  ‘Billy Elliot’ is quite the best stage production of its kind that I have ever seen.  During its first week, for Louisa’s birthday, I took her and Errol to see the show.  At the time the film, whichContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (106: That’ll Be The Day)”

A Huge Pat Of Rooted Soil

Power was returned to Elizabeth’s home during the night. After lunch she returned to sort things out then join us for dinner before settling back into Burnt House Lane. Our storms seem to be over, and we enjoyed a much brighter afternoon when we shopped at Ferndene then continued on a forest drive. Along LyndhurstContinue reading “A Huge Pat Of Rooted Soil”