She Was Indispensable

Bidding farewell to Jackie’s Morning Glory, after she delivered me to Southampton I boarded the train for Waterloo for a last weekend’s packing before the final removal from Sutherland Place.  Not a journey you want to make on a hot Saturday morning.  Had a woman, who was leaving the train in a few minutes at Winchester,Continue reading “She Was Indispensable”


Something dawned on us as we sat drinking our coffee this morning.  Doctors.  You see, I mostly keep away from them, but have recently had a few trips for minor stuff.  Maybe, its because, as Prof. Johnny Lyon-Maris said yesterday, ‘[I’ve] never been 71 before’.  However, this got Jackie and me reflecting on our respectiveContinue reading “Scarecrows”

Resting Places

My chauffeuse was gadding about with her sisters today, so I had to take myself to Lyndhurst for Prof. Lyon-Maris to check on the freezing of my wart.  I could, of course, have booked a cab, but decided to walk the four miles to the surgery via Emery Down in stages.  The first stop wasContinue reading “Resting Places”

‘Where’s The Tripod?’

This being a Norman and Carol day, Jackie drove me to Southampton where I boarded the train to Waterloo and thence to Neasden by Jubilee Line.  As I disembarked onto the tube platform a young German family asked me the way to an Indian temple of which I was unaware.  They showed the photograph ofContinue reading “‘Where’s The Tripod?’”

At Cross Purposes

Via Facebook last night I was treated to a fitting finale to The Firs Open Studio.  On 17th, the first day, I reported to search for the mislaid sold stickers. (see post)  Elizabeth, Danni, and Andy went off to a pub last night to celebrate the ending of what has been a successful venture.  Opening herContinue reading “At Cross Purposes”

The Answer Must Lie In The Postcodes

Billingford Mill is maintained by The Norfolk Windmills Trust: There may be more water pumps than mills, for these former relics of times past were used to pump out water from the county’s precarious terrain reclaimed from the sea. Were it not for the rooftop in between, the Billingford Mill would have been beautifully framedContinue reading “The Answer Must Lie In The Postcodes”

Don’s Eightieth

The reception at breakfast went a long way to improving my feelings about The Horseshoes.  Our table was already laid for us.  We were greeted by a very friendly woman who cooked us a Full English to perfection.  At the same time she was single-handedly preparing mounds of Sunday lunch for the general public.  TheContinue reading “Don’s Eightieth”

Spice Cottage

24th August 2013 There are two Billingfords in Norfolk.  We were apprised of this rather less than welcome fact when printing off directions to the hotel we had booked for the weekend in order to celebrate Don’s 80th birthday, and to his daughter Sue’s home, where festivities are to be held tomorrow.  They are thirtyContinue reading “Spice Cottage”


Jackie’s contribution to Shelly’s sixtieth birthday party catering this evening was a couple of platters of salad.  This meant a late morning trip to Ringwood to buy the disposable plates and the more pleasantly disposable ingredients for the meal. And when in Ringwood at lunchtime it is now obligatory to visit the Bistro Aroma. We didContinue reading “Rissoles”

Only Eighteen To My Mother

Yesterday morning someone tampered with my camera.  When I came to download pictures, I found a number of shots of Morning Glory on the device.  I suppose I’d better print one. The culprit this morning repotted a splendid white begonia which isn’t so far behind the multitude of others. I began the day by addingContinue reading “Only Eighteen To My Mother”