Empress Of The Senses

Winds had subsided overnight and sunshine has returned. Another very strong storm is predicted for tomorrow. In the meantime the pink rose stays erect and the Japanese maple leaves cling to their moorings. This morning I finished reading: The front jacket shows the French icon of the demi-monde as a young woman. On the backContinue reading “Empress Of The Senses”

Keeping Their Heads Down

Gusts from the recent storms still swept the garden today. The plastic cover wrapping the garden chairs was sucked in and out like bellows. We did our best to loosen yet still implement the rope ties applied yesterday. The pink rose seen in the background swayed to and fro; as did all the trees. TheContinue reading “Keeping Their Heads Down”

A Home

Today was gloomy, inside and out. Rain persisted throughout; skies and our rooms were most dingy. Even at midday one could barely see the pale pink winter flowering cherry juxtaposed against the dripping crab apples. The temperature was, however, warm enough for the nasturtiums and the solanum to keep their shape without becoming their usualContinue reading “A Home”

Our Joint One Good Knee

Last night I watched a recording of Saturday’s breathtaking rugby match between Wales and South Africa; after lunch today the soporific contest between Scotland and Argentina. Bright sunshine had taken me into the rather cold garden this morning. Winter pansies and trailing ivy adorn hanging baskets on the sitting room walls. Geraniums and Japanese maplesContinue reading “Our Joint One Good Knee”

Golden Globe Descending

After lunch I watched recorded highlights of yesterday’s international rugby match between England and Australia. I then prised Jackie from her greenhouse so she could take me for a drive in the forest. “Look, Derrick”, she announced, indicating a plant on this sunny but cold afternoon, “it’s a little chilly in the garden”. Many moorlandContinue reading “Golden Globe Descending”

Changing Prints

Today the constantly leaking skies remained grizzling throughout. This afternoon, in the drizzle, Jackie and I transported a superfluous chair to the Oakhaven ┬áHospice Shop in Highcliffe. They were pleased to receive it. Nicki and Andrew were conveying more of Elizabeth’s belongings from storage to her new house. We drove on to Pilley for aContinue reading “Changing Prints”

Assiduous And Carnivorous Trees

It was the turn of a blue tit to investigate the crab apples on this very overcast morning. This one found the fruit a little large for its beak, and didn’t stay long. This afternoon, Elizabeth collected the keys for her new home. Naturally we were there to see her over the threshold, clutching thoughtfulContinue reading “Assiduous And Carnivorous Trees”

Not Cold Enough

Perhaps it was the very light overnight frost that led the blackbirds to investigate the neglected crab apples in the front garden. This one turned its back on them and considerately stayed just long enough for me to photograph it. We still have plenty of colour in our plot. There are winter flowering plants suchContinue reading “Not Cold Enough”

A B & B With Resident Sleepers

When I walked over the Braemore bridge a couple of days ago, I was aware that Jackie wanted to photograph Queen Anne’s Lace against the sky. I hadn’t known that she had photographed me wielding my camera. When you understand that the screen of the Canon SX700 HS is badly cracked, reducing visibility to aContinue reading “A B & B With Resident Sleepers”