Yorkshire Tea Bags

There was no thunderstorm yesterday, but heavy rain set in during the night and continued as I set off for the village shop and back.  My headache had gone.  By the time I reached Minstead Hall I realised I had forgotten my wallet, so I turned round, returned home, picked up my money, declined theContinue reading “Yorkshire Tea Bags”

Christmas Continues In Clutton

Today’s walk was the Football Green, Shave Wood, London Minstead loop.  The younger Saunders woman waved and greeted me gleefully as I reached Orchard Gate.  She said they were all delighted with the photographs and her brother was going to have a copy made.  She called her mother who was equally pleased to see me,Continue reading “Christmas Continues In Clutton”

Conversation Breaks

This morning I disturbed our cervine trio on the upper drive.  I had intended to walk my  ampersand, but took a right turn just before reaching the usual ford.  This road, unsurprisingly, also had a ford.  Passing Newtown I took a bridleway up to the main road towards Emery Down and returned by my normal route.Continue reading “Conversation Breaks”

It Was Christmas Day In The Forest

After Jackie and I had exchanged Christmas stockings, and before the rest of the family emerged from slumber, I took a brief walk down to Minstead, turned left opposite The Trusty Servant, left again into Bull Lane, and back home via London Minstead. The shower installed in our flat number 4 was, until this morning,Continue reading “It Was Christmas Day In The Forest”

All Saints Church

On a dismal midday I walked down to The Trusty Servant, turned right and visited the church at the top of the hill, before returning home. A clique of cyclists laboured up the road past Minstead Hall as I was walking down towards them.  ‘Hey, it’s Father Christmas,’ called out one, peering through specs whichContinue reading “All Saints Church”

Flood Plain

Jackie shopped in Ringwood this morning whilst I walked up and down that town’s section of the Castleman Trailway.  We then met in the Bistro for lunch and drove back home. In recent weeks I have noticed sandbags against all the garden gates, walls, and fences in Kigsbury’s Lane.  This morning I saw why.  TheContinue reading “Flood Plain”

Return Of The Deluge

This morning I walked down through Minstead some way past The Trusty Servant until, finding the road impassable without wellies, I turned back.  Driving through this particular pool later confirmed that my decision had been sound. I described yesterday as a respite from the deluge.  It was a very brief one.  Relentless rain that hadContinue reading “Return Of The Deluge”