The Reuse Shop

This morning Jackie worked on clearing the Lawn Bed in readiness for renewed planting. I, in the meantime, jammed as many bags of recyclable garden refuse into the Modus before we drove them to the Efford recycling centre. This is the first time we have visited since before Covid, but Jackie was keen to maintainContinue reading “The Reuse Shop”

Not Until I Had Almost Reached The Modus

First thing this morning I phoned the Verderers office and sent them a link to my post of yesterday. It seems they did not know of that particular foal. My link has been “sent to the local Agister who will check on the foal and inform the owner.” Immediately after lunch Jackie and I, afterContinue reading “Not Until I Had Almost Reached The Modus”

An Unpleasant Condition?

This morning Jackie chopped up all the recent garden refuse too large to be composted, for burning, which Flo did this evening, or dumping at the recycling centre; I dead-headed and weeded. For some days now we have been aware of a goldfinch incubating the contents of a nest in Wedding Day rose. We onlyContinue reading “An Unpleasant Condition?”

Posting, Reading, And Gardening

This morning I posted Later I carried out dead heading and weeding then read more of Doris Lessing, after which, while Jackie continued her general garden maintenance I wandered around the garden (pictures of which are titled in the gallery) before watching the highlights of the final day of the New Zealand/England cricket TestContinue reading “Posting, Reading, And Gardening”

A Knight’s Tale (142: The Crash And The Flood)

Until the end of 2008, although I could not afford to buy another house in London, the interest on my money from the Newark house was earning c£1,000 per month. Suddenly this almost disappeared. The global financial crash had happened. I had paid a deposit on the house in Sigoules back in August, and, ofContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (142: The Crash And The Flood)”


After lunch I posted Then Jackie and I visited Jools, Sean, and Pumpkin at where we engaged in enjoyable conversation, Jackie bought a plant, and I wandered freely with my camera. Afterwards we went on a foal hunt. Donkeys on Bull Hill were the first to oblige. It was only two days ago thatContinue reading “Heucheraholics”

Too Close

This morning I posted After lunch Jackie and I took a forest drive through Beachern Wood to Ober Corner where ponies and their foals rested in the still overcast and humid atmosphere. One suckler was welcomed – anther was given a clear message that he was getting too close. I walked through the woodlandContinue reading “Too Close”

A Knight’s Tale (141: Why I Bought No. 6, Rue Saint Jacques)

Just before I spent the week in Eymet with Maggie and Mike in September 2008, culminating in agreeing to buy their house in Sigoules, I enjoyed various locations with Mike and Heidi, Emily, Oliver, and Alice. One of these was at Onesse in Les Landes. Oliver doesn’t seem to be in this family shot. IContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (141: Why I Bought No. 6, Rue Saint Jacques)”