‘I Can’t Tell Him That’

Lunch at Le Code Bar today consisted of my favourite onion soup; a slice of pizza similar to yesterday’s, but more piquant; a superbly cooked lean and succulent steak, chips and salad; and coffee ice cream. I asked David to tell Max the steak was ‘mirobolant’, which means superlatively wonderful or marvellous. He replied: ‘I can’t tell him that. He’ll want more money’.
I made arrangements to secure my house in preparation for my return to England tomorrow.
Maggie and Mike visited me briefly early this evening, and we had a drink at the bar. Mine was Perrier water.
The blurb on the case of the DVD of ‘State of Play’, which I watched this evening, quoting the Daily Telegraph reviewer, described it as ‘an outstanding thriller’, and it certainly is. Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck play their parts well, as does Rachel McAdams. Crowe is magnificently brooding, so low-key as to be barely audible at times. Affleck makes a credible guilty congressman, and Helen Mirren, as the newspaper editor, reprises her role in Prime Suspect.

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