Two Weddings

Hampshire Window Surgeon, Jason, visited this morning, fixed our Velux window, and took details of the necessary Everest window maintenance from which to send us a quotation. Over coffee we also had a good conversation with this engaging gentleman.
After this, postman Mike, noticing I was walking down Downton Lane, clutching a letter, on my Hordle Cliff top walk, stopped his van and relieved me of it. Such is his friendly service.
Our friend Judith Munns had commented on Facebook that she recognised the family likeness between her mother and Jackie in the Statuesque Beauty post. These two, Wedding photo 2.3.68and two more worthy of that description, appear in our wedding photograph, taken on 2nd March 1968, that I scanned and retouched on my return. Sisters Sheila and Helen flank the group. My Dad stands next to Sheila, and Mum peers over my right shoulder. Jackie’s Mum stands next to Chris, and her Dad smiles between them. My sister Elizabeth and the bride’s Auntie Maureen each succumbed to off-stage distractions in different directions. In the back row Mum Rivett’s brother, the sisters’ Uncle Dennis, cranes his neck to see above my mother. His wife Elsie stands beside him, and his son, cousin Patrick is at the other end of the row. Patrick now successfully directs Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, notably those of the Godalming Operatic Society, the performances of which it is a family tradition to attend.   Michael, festooned with confetti, looking up quizzically, holds Jackie’s hand. She was more or less the same age in this photograph as was her mother in the picture that prompted Judith’s observation.
I have today become Facebook friends with my cousin Yvonne Burgess whom I have not met since we were small children. From Spain, where she now lives, she sent me a Ben and Ellen wedding photophotograph of her parents’ wedding, taken some time around 1940, coincidentally the possible date of the Statuesque Beauty picture.  My mother is the standing bridesmaid, and my maternal grandparents are on the left, Grandpa Hunter stands behind my seated Grandma. Uncle Ben was a Military Policeman during the war, so Dad had to be very circumspect when he went AWOL whilst courting Mum.
Late this afternoon Jackie drove us to Emsworth to collect Flo for the weekend. Before returning we, with Becky and Ian, dined at The Spice Cottage restaurant in Westbourne. Ian and I walked there, and the others joined us by car. The meal, with which most of us drank Cobra, was excellent, and the service friendly and efficient.

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