A Glass Of Water

Glass of water I had planned to take a trip to Waterloo to lunch with Norman. In the event this was not possible. I woke up with a bad head and aching all over. I was not going anywhere. I spent the day, occasionally dozing, reclining on the sofa bed. Thinking was not an option.

I hate to disappoint gourmands among my readers, but my dinner consisted of a glass of water. That’s it.


  1. Take care, buddy. Do you think you’ve been over-doing things lately and wore yourself down? Whatever the case, we’ll be here waiting for you to spring back!

  2. They always say ‘starve a fever, feed a cold’. Water is an idea though I detest it so I’m sorry you didn’t get your usual sumptuous feed and we didn’t get to read about it.

  3. jope you get better, my new friend Derrick.
    When I have an upset stomach I make black pekoe tea and sip it slowly, while hot. If someone runs yo the store, I like lemon lime pop (soda) even Coke. I need sugar to give me strength through the chills. If it “stays down” I add Saltine crackers or soda crackers or dry toast. I am sure disappointed for you to miss your get together.
    Be well. ~ Robin

    1. Thank you Yvonne. Much better today. Jackie is fine, but she says she’s half dead because she doesn’t think she’s ever done so so much clearing in one day.

  4. Definitely a “glass half empty” day! Glad you’ve feeling better. Ask the head gardener for light duties for a few days.

      1. Take it easy! If it’s anything like I have, it can sneak around and hit again. Still not feeling myself, and a friend told me it took her a whole week to recover.

          1. Good! It’s hard to do, especially this time of year when there are so many outside chores.

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