Virtual Baby Minding

Matthew and Poppy 3

Today was once more warm, wet and windy. The temperature was 14 degrees centigrade even as we drove home from Mat and Tess’s in Upper Dicker this evening. We had gone there to spend the afternoon in support Matthew, on child care duties whilst Tess was working in their Village Shop. They now live in the flat above.

We spent much of the time in the restaurant where we enjoyed lunch.

The Big Dicker

Mine was actually a brunch known as The Big Dicker.

Especially as mushrooms are hiding behind the superb local sausages, it will perhaps come as no surprise that the only further sustenance we required on our return home was a bacon sandwich.


The reading matter seen further up the table includes magazines from the 1970s.

Matthew and Poppy 6

Poppy managed a smile for her Granny, although she was somewhat less enamoured with me.

Poppy on motorola 1Poppy on motorola 2Poppy on motorola 4
Poppy on motorola 5Poppy on motorola 6Poppy on motorola 7Poppy on motorola 10Poppy on motorola 11Poppy on motorola 12Tess was able to give her baby an afternoon feed and pop her into bed for a brief sleep. They have a baby monitor produced by motorola. This enabled us to mind Poppy remotely. We could see her, and she could hear us.

I was fascinated by the number of positions the sleeping infant could adopt in quick succession. As soon as she awoke and yelled, Mat was upstairs like a shot. She immediately brightened at the sight of her Dad, who offered her her pink Teddy before bringing her back downstairs, after which Jackie took her off for a walk in her Silver Cross carriage.

She was sleeping again when her Grannie returned with her.


  1. Torn between the breakfast and the baby surveillance equipment as the most impressive feature of the blog. My inner adult says Poppy is a nicer name, but my Inner Schoolboy is still sniggering at the name of the breakfast…

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