The Selfie Stick

This afternoon, in separate cars, Jackie and I, Becky, Ian and Scooby, drove to Lymington. The others met Jackie and me at the quay after they had wandered about the town.

There seems to be a pattern of one wet and warm day followed by a fine, and slightly less one.

Lymington Quay 1Lymington Quay 2Lymington Quay 3Lymington Quay 4Boats moored

This was the latter, offering interesting skies above the harbour.

Jackie on pontoon

At one point, Jackie took a walk along the pontoon.

Feeding the birds

Some visitors enjoyed feeding the birds. In the background of this picture is The Boat House Cafe in which we enjoyed coffee and cakes. As I don’t manage to eat between meals, I just had the coffee.

Group on quay 1Group on quay 2

A group from London attempted to arrange a selfie. I had never seen a selfie stick before, and wondered what an earth the young man trying to fix his camera on the of a long pole was trying to do. His struggle created much hilarity, and I was asked what time it got dark here. I was prevailed upon to take a photo on one young woman’s mobile phone. The usual condition prevailed. They had to pose for me. Eventually the selfie was taken. Becky, when shown this picture, explained the stick to me. Apparently there is a shutter button on the end of the pole.

Becky's cards005

Naturally I sought their permission to post the pictures on my blog. I was, as often, asked where they could find the blog. This gave me the opportunity to hand out one of the cards Becky had made me for Christmas, for that very purpose.

This evening we dined on a repeat of the roast lamb dinner of a couple of days ago; with the addition of the apple crumble, which, itself, was lifted to another level by the addition of mincemeat in the contents, and porridge oats to the topping. I finished the rest of a bottle of the El Sotillo, and I am past caring about what the others drank.


  1. What a nice day. Becky’s idea is brilliant and I think I might steal it. They sold selfie sticks everywhere in Istanbul for 10TL each (A$5). I didn’t buy one but now I am wondering if they would help me gain some height 🙂 I think I’ll just have the apple crumble for dinner.

  2. Your harbour photos were grest as was the group photo. I admire your not choosing to have cake whole sipping coffee. I tend to savor dessert more at a separate time of day, a couple of hours after lunch or dinner. Sometimes replacing breakfast. I have been making individual baked apples for my dessert which does taste better with addition of nuts, (I would like mince meat), or oats topping with cinnamon and butter, Derrick. You are smart to have a card but like how people just wander into my blog, too. 🙂

    1. Somewhere, in my ill-sorted library of images, are three of a cloud in the shape of the space-shuttle, seen from my back garden. I didn’t catch it in the prime of its shape, as I had to run indoors to find the camera, but they give an idea. If there’s a facility of posting them on here, I’ll do so next time I run across them. I have a much-enjoyed copy of The Cloud-Spotters Guide, by Gavin Pretor-Pinney (a name you’d recognize, I expect, Cynthia?), who founded the Society.

      1. Indeed. I have that Cloud-Spotters Guide. I thoroughly enjoy Gavin Pretor-Pinney’s wit and his humorous campaign against “blue sky thinking”! I hope you find and are able to post your images.

    2. I did not know there was such a society, but I think it’s a lovely idea! As a former meteorologist, I have a thing for clouds myself… A friend gave me a bumper-sticker that says “I brake for interesting cloud formations.” I guess you could relate!

  3. Lovely, Derrick! I admit to mocking those with selfie sticks, though I do agree they can come in handy (when you know what you’re doing!)
    Bravo on not giving a hoot!
    Happy New Year!

    1. I go the whole hog and mock the vainglorious notion of selfies! Mocking the sticks is all part of it  🙂

  4. Happy New Year to you and yours Derrick! The business cards for the blog are actually a great idea! I was thinking about it yesterday for my own blog!

  5. Love you cards! I have never used a selfie stick, but I guess it might come in very handy in some situations.
    Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

  6. As a non-owner of a mobile phone camera, and never having wished to take a selfie, I still had heard about them through reading (newspapers, mags, even online: there were headlines about a ruling in the National Gallery or the Louvre banning their use, in case someone pokes one through a masterpiece). I was really surprised that you’d never come across a mention of them. Don’t you take a daily newspaper? And don’t any of your own multitudes in the generation below you have one?

    1. I haven’t taken a daily newspaper for about four years now. I don’t miss it, but I do rely on offspring to keep up to date, hence Becky explaining the selfie stick 🙂

  7. Selfie sticks are all the rage now, and may just make bartenders and servers happy since they will not have to take so many photos of their patrons.
    The images of the sky over the harbor are beautiful, Derrick!
    Happiness and good health in 2016 to you and yours!

  8. I’ve watched some people wield a selfie stick well, and some people botch it. I’m sure I would fall into the second category, since I’ve been trying for a couple of years, and still I’ll be damned if I can ever figure out the mystery of a simple selfie with my phone. My kid just snaps out the phone, click click click, they all look great. Me, I can’t seem to find a way to hold the phone and still have a finger free to press the button, and then on top of all that, keep my face in the frame. I’m not THAT old, but selfies baffle me.
    ….and like everyone else, I love the blog card idea and I intend to copy it. Was it Jackie’s invention? Brilliant. I could so often use one of those cards.

  9. Haha this made me laugh. And I love the cards! Great idea 🙂 Saw selfie sticks in use all over Paris last year, but Helsinki….not so much 🙂 I actually bought one to take thinking it might be useful on my own and it never even made it out of my suitcase. Lacking the requisite confidence and/or disregard for other’s opinions of me perhaps. 😉 Happy new year to you and yours Derrick! 🙂

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