Play Of Light


On another beautifully sunny day we continued our recuperation indoors. Never mind, we could look out of the windows watching the light play about the garden.

I spent much of the afternoon retouching the scanned images of some rather speckled black and white negatives from friends Tony and Liz’s wedding in 1984. Sunlight was also dramatic on that day.

Cheri 1984

Apart from this photograph of Tony’s delightful stepdaughter, Cherie,

Becky 1984 1

I have chosen to post only my own family members, beginning with Becky. I was intrigued by the light playing around the room as we gathered for the ceremony.

Sam 1984 1

Does anyone have any ideas as to what Sam is thinking?

Jessica and Becky 1984

Jessica looks rather wistful here.

Jessica and Louisa 1984

She is holding Louisa, and they are soon having fun; while Becky, reflected in the background,

Cherie, Jessica, Louisa and Becky 1984

enjoys a conversation with Cherie.

Sam and Louisa 1984Sam 1984 3

The little ones soon ended up on the floor.

Louisa 1984 1

IΒ can’t remember what Louisa had done to her head.Β Maybe she had butted a jam jar. It hasn’t permanently spoiled her beauty. (Becky has provided the answer in her comment below).

This evening, for our dinner, Jackie produced roast pork, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, crunchy carrots, broccoli and runner beans, with perfect, tasty gravy,


  1. The curtains in the first photo look familiar Derrick – as does the way they allowed light into a room – I think I had mine in the 70’s though. I see you are both definitely on the mend judging by the menu. That’s good πŸ™‚

  2. Looks to me like Sam is thinking ” Why is that silly old bugger pointing the camera at me?” XD
    Roast pork & Yorkshire pudding’s a new one on me. Always thought it was just roast beef & Yorksire pudding. Must have that gravy πŸ˜›

  3. Very special lighting and highlights displayed in such a unique way. I have been taking photos of the light coming through my apartment “sheers.” The ripples and shadows are so pleasant from the sun.

  4. Lovely photos. It didn’t strike me until now that these were all black-and-whites. What an attractive family! Sam, with his light hair and round little-boy cheeks, was such a delightful subject.

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